Five Designer Tricks for Brightening Up a Dark Room

October 14, 2019

Five Designer Tricks for Brightening Up a Dark Room

Did you know you can lighten up a dark room without the use of natural light or major renovations? Just because a room might not have the capacity to let in the sunshine, that doesn’t mean you can lighten the space in other ways.

Did you know a well-lit space can help alleviate stress while improving your mood? You can Actually brighten a dark room with a few tried-and-true decorating tricks. Here are five that will show you how to transform your space.

1. Maximise Your Space

Don’t just think “neutral”. Instead, go bold by accenting one wall and using bright colours. This will bring energy into the room and make it more inviting. These colours also make the room appear brighter than it actually is.

2. Go for a High-Gloss Ceiling

If you’re looking for a way to lighten a dark room with no natural light, consider using a high-gloss paint colour on the ceiling. A ceiling is the best place to do this because the gloss will reflect light well and add a new element to the room.

3. Install Light Wood Flooring

Light wood flooring is the perfect choice for brightening up a room. If the room will be subjected to a great deal of heavy foot traffic, consider also using a light stain. This will help mask scratches. Also, be diligent in how you clean the floor. This will help keep it in tip-top shape. Each flooring type will come with its own set of care instructions, so make note of them before using any type of cleaning products.

Wood floors are also easy to keep clean, and if cared for correctly, won’t warp or become damaged over time. They’re also quite beautiful and add dimension to any room in the home.

4. Add a Colourful Rug to the Mix

An area rug can serve multiple purposes. First off, it helps protect your floors, which is especially important if they are hardwood. It also designates a specific area and can add colour and contrast to the room. But did you know area rugs can also be used to inject a little or in some cases, a lot of personality into a room?

The key is picking the right colours to showcase your space. As with the high-gloss ceiling and light wood flooring, the right rug can add colour to the room, making it appear larger than its actual size.

5. Hang Mirrors

Mirrors often serve as great decorative items hung at the ends of halls or behind couches, but did you know you can use them to create an illusion of space? If your room does let in some natural light, hanging multiple mirrors will allow it to bounce off the reflective surface of the glass. This can actually double the amount of sunlight in the room, or at least so it will seem.

Try hanging a large mirror right across from the largest window in the room. You can also arrange several smaller mirrors along a staircase to help bring some cheer to the space.

If the room is large, place a few mirrors strategically around the walls to make it brighter. If there is no natural light, the reflective surfaces can still help to give the room some much-needed dimension.

When trying out tips for how to lighten up a dark room with no natural light, play with the space. All rooms will differ from one another, so you’ll need to figure out what works for your specific space. Consider using one or more of the ideas above to brighten the space and turn it into a much-coveted sanctuary you’ll never want to leave.

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