How To Style Black Cushions

If there’s one colour that you can never go wrong with, it’s black! The dark, achromatic essence of this hue is perfect for contrasting and accenting various interior design themes - thus, it’s the best colour for cushions!

No matter what type of furniture you’ve got (accent chair, couch, a bed, or sun lounge), black cushions can definitely ramp its aesthetic up.

Black cushions are incredibly popular because they’re timeless and work well with almost everything. Need contrast? Bring in the black cushions. Want an aesthetic uplift? Black cushions have got you! Need to create an attractive focal point? Just put some black cushions on your statement furniture and it’ll be done.


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Cushions change the look of a room in an instant. You can use them to either dress up or down a piece of furniture. They can also serve as accent pieces or be incorporated as part of the background, depending on your interior design. Your choice of colour and texture can pull together all the elements in the room and create a harmonious theme.

At Willow Home & Living, we specialise in luxurious cushion covers and throws that add a pop of colour into any space. As a Sydney-based boutique home décor company, we keep up with the latest interior design trends to provide you with the most stylish options.

Choose from our selection of unique designs to turn your furniture pieces into stylish focal points or even conversation starters. Whether you want something simple and understated or one that draws attention, Willow Home & Living has something for every style.

Premium Fabrics Deliver High-End Design

With premium fabrics that allow for both indoor and outdoor use, we create inspired patterns that make each cushion cover a work of art. Using top-quality fabrics and eye-catching patterns, we create classic designs that will always remain in style.