Multicoloured Cushion Covers

Tired of your plain and boring bedroom or living room and need a way to brighten things up? Add a pop of colour with our Multicoloured Cushion Covers all with a unique colour palette so you can find ones that best suit your space. Shop our Multicoloured Cushion Covers Australia wide for free shipping on orders over $80.

How To Style Multicoloured Cushion Covers

Colourful cushion covers are an easy way to bring beauty and comfort to your house. They can be used to create bold and stunning designs with options for florals, luxurious textures, and playful and vibrant hues. They are a terrific way to adopt a new style without committing to an expensive project, and they do more than just add an additional layer to your space. You have plenty of options whether your home has modern, funky, or luxurious decor because they also readily integrate into any existing decor scheme.

Pair multicoloured cushion covers with graphic patterns and designs such as our Classic Stripe or Chinoiserie patterns with plain block coloured pieces to create layers, texture and a beautiful arrangement in your space. A few colourful accessory pillows can dramatically enhance a room that is mostly white or has plenty of neutral tones. Think of your living room as a blank canvas, placing multi coloured cushion covers here and there can create a unique style and add some personality to plain schemes and arrangements. If you want to incorporate colour without going overboard, multicoloured cushion covers in floral arrangements are perfect for tying in your existing colour scheme while adding in hints of new ones. Colour doesn’t have to be extravagant just enough to have something for your guests to enjoy that's easy on the eye. Whichever way you choose to use your multicoloured cushion covers there are endless possibilities to display your unique sense of style and personality.

Multicoloured cushion covers are not just beneficial for white neutral spaces but also darker more eccentric spaces. A dark colour scheme can be transformed with a pop of colour to create the ideal contrast and balance between light and dark. Navy blue and black cushion covers can look great against vibrant yellow, pink and light blue. The trick to multicoloured cushion covers is experimentation. There's no wrong or right way to do it, choose something that works for you.

If you have a neutral colour scheme that needs an extra life, select two or three bold colours to inject depth, contrast and vibrance into the space. The more neutral the space the more multicoloured cushion covers you should add. The trick is to draw inspiration from what already exists whether its decorative pieces, your sofa or the walls. Layering designs and textures also works great for multicoloured cushion covers. Combine velvet block colours with floral designs or jewel tones with multicoloured stripes to complement each other.

How To Care for Multicoloured Cushion Covers

Although our Multicoloured Cushion Covers can be used both inside and outside, for optimal results, we advise hand washing and line drying each one. Your covers will last longer, especially if they have received a water-and fade-resistant treatment. To wash the covers in a machine, turn them inside out and keep the zippers tight. You may also put them in a wash bag to further safeguard them. Choose from one of our many designs to make your furniture a fascinating topic of conversation!