Hamptons / Coastal Cushion Covers

Hamptons / Coastal Cushion Covers

Turn your home into your own nautical oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world. Our Hamptons collection features cushions in timeless blue, white and grey colours, achieving the perfect balance between style and comfort.

Coastal Themes that Suit Your Style

Whether you want floral, stripes or geometric patterns, you can find the prints you’re looking for in our coastal-themed collection. The Antonella and Catherine lines feature hand-painted florals in the signature Hamptons palette, combining spring and seaside themes.
If you want a more straightforward coastal vibe, we also carry classic nautical prints like stripes and rope designs.

Seaside Vibes Both Indoors and Outdoors

Crafted from water- and fade-resistant premium fabric, our Hamptons cushions are also perfect for your patio furniture and garden benches, bringing a fresh and breezy look that elevates you outdoor living space.

Buy our Hamptons cushion collection online to enjoy Australia-wide free shipping (for orders over $60).

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Hamptons Style History

The Hamptons theme originated from Long Island, New York, inspired by the beach houses in affluent East Coast. But if there’s one culture that took up the coastal-style trend more than others, it’s the Australians.

This signature crisp and breezy style has been growing more popular in Australian home design in recent years. Its rising fame is unsurprising, since its fresh and airy feel fits seamlessly into the laidback, summer-loving Aussie lifestyle.

This home design style uses light colours for the interiors to bring a relaxed appeal while maintaining the sense of sophistication that Hamptons is known for. The exteriors usually adopt more structured features, such as striking weatherboards and textured timbers.

How to Style with Hamptons-Themed Cushions

Blue and white cushions complement the classic Hamptons style home and its crisp, light-coloured interiors and nautical-themed décor. Opt for patterned covers to inject some contrast against the bright white walls. 

Oversized furniture is a trademark of the Hamptons design, adding dimension to your home. Dress up deep sofas and rattan chairs with plump cushions in varying sizes. Don’t be afraid to use different textures, from cottons and knitted cushions to soft linens and velvets. The variety balances out the size of your furniture while adding more character to your interiors. 

You can mix plains and prints as well. Layer floral cushions with pinstriped and solid-colour ones – just make sure that they’re from the same colour palette to keep your styling cohesive.

Cushion Covers Care Guide

We recommend hand washing and line dry all our cushion covers. This will protect the longevity of your covers, especially the fade and water resistant treatment. 

If you prefer to use your machine, make sure to turn the covers inside out and keep them zipped closed before washing them. You can also place them in a laundry bag for extra protection.