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45x45 Cushion Covers

The foundation of any outstanding cushion collection is a square cushion, which is also typically the most used form and is most commonly found in the size 45 x 45 cm. With their classic square shape, these 45 x 45 cushion covers are a design staple for every room. Available in timeless stripes and solids, hand-painted florals and chinoiserie, as well as contemporary nature-inspired designs in floral, honeycomb, and coral design, you can choose from an extensive range of colours and styles. Shop our Cushion Covers 45 x 45 Australia wide for free shipping on orders over $80.

With double-sided printing and hidden zippers, these cushion covers give your room a designer touch. Colours that range from beachy brights to earthy beige to jewel tones give you a huge palette to choose from as you decorate your home.

How To Style 45 x 45 Cushion Covers

Build your arrangement around these square pillows since they are the ideal base. A simple and quick approach to instantly make a space feel brand new is to mix up your square forms and arrange them accordingly. A bold cushion or two for additional design impact are the best approach to style your living space and create a memorable first impression. Just like how a good statement cushion will highlight your home's interior theme, incorporating a striking pattern in a square 45 x 45 cushion cover can break up the neutral palette of a living space.

The choice of a neutral colour scheme for your interior design doesn't have to result in a lifeless or dull appearance; rather, incorporating your neutrals by adding layers and complexity. Warm neutral 45x45 cushion covers have the same ability to add edge and refinement as well as warmth and comfort. For instance, white, beige, black, and blue are colours that provide the appearance of a classic environment to soften the harshness of a basic contemporary style. The new neutrals of cushion covers are the go-to colour scheme for developing classic decor schemes because of their adaptability. Grey’s, greens, and even soft blues like our Duck Egg Blue cushion covers can tie a space together.

The number of 45x45 cushion covers you place on your sofa really depends on your personal preference and the style you’re trying to achieve. Cushion covers in 45 x 45 cm work perfectly when layered with larger square cushions such as our 70x70 cushion covers. This helps you create dimension in your living space. Play around with colours, styles, layers and even patterns like our Grace floral cushion cover. The possibilities are endless and don’t have to be limited to indoors with our 45x45 cushion cover collection available in outdoor collections.

How To Care for Your 45x45 Cushion Covers

The performance of our square 45 x 45 cushion covers perform and last their longest when hand washed and line dried. To keep the covers safe during a machine wash, turn them inside out, close the zippers, or place them in a wash bag. You have countless options when it comes to designing the ideal arrangement thanks to Willow Home & Living's selection of 45 x 45 cm cushion covers in a variety of patterns and colours. Alternatively, check out our pre-styled Cushion Sets to see how we style certain cushion sizes if you'd prefer to make a decision that was tailored specifically for your environment.