Style your festive home with traditional Christmas cushion covers in an array colours of the season. 

Everyone loves the Magic of Christmas, Bring Magic into your home with Willow Home & Livings Christmas Cushion Covers. Style your festive home with traditional colours of the season. Our beautiful and luxurious red and emerald velvet cushion covers will not only add elegance but also warmth to your home.

Like us, you'll adore the endless possibilities of designing and experimenting with your cushion displays. These soft furnishings are a non-committal method to update your design to stay in style. Plain coloured cushions are sometimes all you need to balance or contrast bold designs. Our Red and Emerald Christmas Cushion Covers are the perfect solution to keep your sofa looking classy rather than flashy with a simple velvet accent.

The feel of fabric is just as important as the look when it comes to your Christmas cushions. There are very few fabrics that feel as luxurious as velvet does. During Christmas time you're bound to gather with family and friends, a few velvet sofa cushions will turn that seat into your favourite place to unwind; make your bed more welcoming; or soften the plain furniture. Velvet cushions are the ultimate in sumptuous soft furnishings and are a classic, adaptable, and high-quality addition to any house.

Christmas Cushion Covers Australia

Our Christmas Cushion Cover in Emerald and Red are the perfect Christmas accent, however their plain surface means they can be reused all year round to spice up a plain room or create a bold accent in your space. They can be surprisingly easily incorporated into any existing décor plan and are quite adaptable. No matter what kind of decor you prefer—modern, contemporary, traditional, or transitional—our velvet pillows offer incredible softness, elegance, and richness.

The square velvet cushions are perfect by themselves and can add a sophisticated, cinematic flair to a warm living space or bedroom. The longer rectangular cushions are the perfect statement piece to pair with your existing decor or our other cushion collections. Additionally our velvet cushions are a soft velvet that is not only thick and luxurious but also performs too! They are all water and UV resistant making them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor living. While velvet cushions are perfect to bring warmth to your home during the winter they are also perfect for the heat during the Australian Christmas. Lightweight and breathable, the velvet cushions can be paired with fresh summer tones all year round.

At Willow Home & Living, we specialise in luxurious Christmas Cushion Covers that bring the magic, comfort and joy of Christmas to any space. As a Sydney-based boutique home décor company, we keep up with the latest interior design trends to provide you with the most stylish options. Choose from our Emerald or Red Velvet Cushions to turn your furniture pieces into stylish focal points or even conversation starters. Whether you want something simple and understated or one that draws attention, Willow Home & Living has something for every style.

Shop our Christmas Cushion Covers Australia wide, to bring style and comfort to your home over the holidays!