Va Va Velvet

Velvet Cushion Covers

Nothing says luxury like velvet cushion covers—soft, elegant, and piled high atop your cherished furnishings. Not only are our velvet cushion covers thick and luxurious, but they can carry the luxury onto the patio and garden, thanks to the water-repellent, UV-resistant fabric.

There is nothing quite as eye-catching as bold and vivid velvet designs to improve a bedroom environment. Velvet isn’t just for indoors, bright colours make a bold statement and are perfect for bringing nature’s colour palette to your outdoor setting. Alternatively, neutrals offer a soft finish to any cushion arrangement.

How To Style Velvet Cushions

Round velvet pillows can offer a sophisticated, cinematic touch to a warm earthy palette and can mix well with plush knits. Choose rich bright pink cushion covers or other brilliant tones like red, orange, or green to add a pop to a white couch for an exceptionally striking effect. Bold colours make the neutral cloth stand out, while the velvet finish adds texture and emphasises the aesthetic uniqueness.

Because velvet is a versatile fabric, it matches well with a variety of other fabrics. Blue velvet cushions, for example, add a sense of comfort and richness to a leather couch while also breaking up the strong lines and angular design. Alternatively, dark velvet furnishings can be used to bring emphasis to a pale and basic interior layout. The contrast between clean white walls, a deep grey sofa, and navy velvet cushion covers is amazing. The dark hue and plush texture add depth and contrast to the otherwise neutral palette. Balance is key to home decor!

More than just adornment, velvet cushions may instantly create a warm haven to relax without becoming overpowering. Lighter colours work well for creating a more subtle design with a classy flare. Our Off- White with Black piping pillows are fantastic accessories to calm down your design while still making it look pretty enticing. They complement almost any other colour.

How To Care For Velvet Cushions

Velvet might become warped and change in look over time, but don't let that deter you; there are some simple steps you can do to keep its softness and enticing charm. For maintenance, we advise a soft brush and damp cloth for cleaning or dry cleaning for stubborn spills. Velvet is prone to markings, for any spills, avoid rubbing the area, instead, blot lightly with a dry cloth. The lifespan of your velvet cushion cover, particularly the fade-and water-resistant treatment, will be maintained by doing this.

At Willow Home & Living, we specialise in Velvet Cushion Covers that add style, comfort, and luxury to any room. As a Sydney-based boutique, we keep up with the latest advances in interior design to present you with the most stylish options. Choose from our vivid chinoiserie pieces to turn your furniture into a striking statement room and conversation starter. Shop our Luxury Velvet Cushions Australia wide for free shipping on orders over $60.