Our luxurious Merino Wool throws are supremely soft and incredibly functional, it is the perfect accent to any space. Place it over an armchair, layer it on a bed, or mix it with cushions to add texture, sophistication and warmth. Perfect to style all year around, shop our Merino Wool Throws, Australia wide for free shipping on orders over $80.

These wool throws are ideal for Australia's climate as they are breathable and will keep you warm without being uncomfortable. Our Merino wool throws are easy to maintain and are lightweight and durable so you can continue to use them year after year.

How To Style A Merino Wool Throw

Your sofa will look cheerier and the colour palette of the room will be more unified if you drape a wool throw over the back or seat. A modest addition of mustard and grey can offer a soft splash of colour without overpowering a minimalist, neutral space. Choose contrasting tones and patterns with a wool throw in multiple colours if you enjoy using bright colours. If you are using a wool throw to add more texture, pair it with linen cushions and rugs to enhance the space.

One item that every home needs to have is a pure wool throw. A wool throw is more than simply a blanket; it is versatile, fashionable, comfortable, and durable. Utilising similar colours in your bed linen is a lovely way to establish a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom with a wool throw. Your space will feel more calm and you'll feel more relaxed by using stark white or delicate blues and greys. Complementary tones can be used to enhance this feeling of a unified space. To keep things simple while adding a layer of opulent colour and texture, style your Merino wool throw in a slightly darker shade to create a soft but statement contrast.

How To Care for Your Merino Wool Throws

Merino wool is a magnificent fibre made of natural proteins and is produced by Merino sheep, which are mostly bred in Australia. It is a fibre that is favourable to the environment and offers a number of benefits. Throws made of merino wool are renowned for their incredibly soft and delicate touch. One of our wool throws is the perfect way to cosy yourself while admiring the stunning design. Merino wool throws are a fantastic option for your children because they are acceptable for those with sensitive skin. These throws are a great option for anyone who appreciates that style of products because they are cosy in the winter and breathable in the summer. Wool blankets are also quite simple to maintain and don't require frequent cleaning; in fact, it's better to wash them infrequently, once every three months. Wool is naturally a stain repellent fabric, however, if it does stain, use warm water and a light detergent to spot clean as soon as you can to get rid of any stains. Avoid rubbing the fabric. Instead, use warm water and detergent to absorb the stain and then blot it with a soft towel.

Our Merino wool throws from Willow Home & Living offer a touch of sophistication to any space with their opulence, comfort, and elegance. A cosy and sophisticated merino wool blanket will also add the ideal finishing touch to your bedroom or living space. Choose from one of our many styles to make your furniture a lively topic of discussion!