Chinoiserie Cushion Covers

Finding the perfect statement pieces is not a concern with our Chinoiserie collection! Our carefully curated selection features beautiful hand painted designs, Asian decorative arts in both warm and cool colour schemes that match any interior home design. We also have our signature aqua cushion cover - Oriental Romance Cushion in both square and rectangle which is the perfect statement piece and our best seller. Whether you’re looking for something to complement your plain furnishings or need something to bring your layered cushions to life, you'll find the perfect piece at Willow Home & Living.

Capture the elegance of the Orient with these chinoiserie cushions. With delicate, nature-inspired patterns crafted in durable premium fabric, our cushion covers give your home a pop of colour through patterns inspired by Asian decorative arts. Our whimsical chinoiserie Cheeky Monkey design will sure to impress and make a statement in any room.

How To Style Chinoiserie Cushions

Given that the living room is typically one of the most used spaces in the home, it is essential to preserve its visual appeal and relaxing ambience. Be sure to include colours from other areas of your home to create a unified feel as chinoiserie cushions can sometimes feel over the top. This will make your entire idea seem well thought out and cohesive. Depending on your foundation furniture and the colour of your sofa, your Chinoiserie Cushion Covers can either match your existing colour scheme or enhance a neutral one.

While the best thing about Chinoiserie is its extravagant style, it does have the tendency to become a little over the top if not styled correctly. If you want to incorporate some of our bold Chinoiserie pieces such as our Oriental Romance Cushion or the Jardin Chinoiserie it's best to pair them with more subtle pieces of furniture or plain fabrics. We have plenty of plain cushion options to choose from or our Cushion Sets have Chinoiserie Cushions pre paired with our other cushions to inspire your perfect look.

Alternatively, if bold and extravagant is more your style you might choose to style your home with our statement cushions in addition to dramatic decor. For instance, the Cheeky Monkey Cushion is the perfect summertime design that can transform your space. Layer multiple pieces to bring comfort, texture and luxury to your room, you can never go wrong with too much colour. Interior design that is bold scores major style points!

How To Care For Chinoiserie Cushions

For maintenance, we advise hand washing and line drying all of our chinoiserie cushion coverings. Your coverings' lifespan, particularly the fade- and water-resistant treatment, will be maintained by doing this. Turn the covers inside out and keep them zipped closed before washing them if you'd rather use your machine. To give them even more security, you can put them in a laundry bag.

At Willow Home & Living, we specialise in Chinoiserie Cushion Covers that add style, comfort, and luxury to any room. As a Sydney-based boutique we follow the most recent developments in interior design to provide you with the most stylistic choices. Choose from our assortment of vibrant chinoiserie pieces to transform your furniture into a bold statement room and conversation starter. Shop our Chinoiserie Cushions Australia wide to get free shipping on orders for over $60.