30x50cm Rectangular

Perfect for layering with our square cushion covers, our 30 x 50 cushion cover collection includes a wealth of colours and patterns. From our signature hand-painted Antonella in classic blue-and-white floral to our sumptuous velvet Palm Beach, we have a 30 x 50 cushion that will give your home a pop of colour.

Pair a floral 30 x 50 cushion cover with a solid colour; a luxurious velvet with a crisp striped cushion for a designer look. Contrast textures and colours to add extra visual interest to your room.

Prop a 30 x 50 cushion up against a larger square cushion for a luxurious layered look. Use colour and pattern to create a focal point with your favourite piece of furniture.

Inside and Outside, a 30 x 50 Cushion Cover Is a Design Superstar

Layered with larger pillows on a bed, these rectangular cushion covers turn your bedroom into your own personal sanctuary. Since they’re made from water-resistant premium fabric, you can even take them outside to perk up your patio with vibrant colour.

As easy to care for as they are beautiful, they need nothing but a hand washing and line drying to keep them as lovely as the day they were delivered to your door.

The best part about our 30 x 50 cushion covers? You can order them from the comfort of your home.

Plan your room’s transformation into a relaxing sanctuary. Order your 30 x 50 cushion cover today.