60x60 Square Cushion Covers

Crafted from premium fabric that works beautifully for both interior and exterior use, these medium-sized 60 x 60 cushion covers are the perfect accessories to transform your home into a luxurious retreat. Square cushions are the perfect base for creating the perfect arrangement. From our luxury Velvet shades to our vibrant Honeycomb outdoor cushions, we have 60x60 cushion covers that will perfectly accentuate your space. Shop Cushion Covers 60 x 60 Australia wide for free shipping on orders over $80.

Our square 60x60 cushion covers are the ideal shape for your starting arrangement. Making a room feel fresh and new is simple and quick by mixing up your square shapes and arranging them accordingly. When it comes to decorating your living room, there is no better way to create a dramatic statement than with one or two bold 60x60 cushion covers for maximum aesthetic impact.

How to Style 60 x 60 Cushion Covers

A coherent decor finish is produced by combining bold and neutral colours. 60 cm x 60 cm cushion covers with vibrant hues and eye-catching patterns will stand out in a space that is otherwise neutral. Choose from our Chinoiserie Cheeky Monkey print or Sienna cushion cover in 60x 60 sizes to create a statement and focal point of your space. Similar to how colourful decor might benefit from soft-coloured couches. A vibrant and flamboyant interior environment can be balanced and grounded by using neutral colours. Combining various textures will give your space more visual weight and depth, increasing its overall level of comfort.

A set of 60x60 cushion covers is a wonderful way to easily update almost any interior design theme. With this incredibly useful size, you may add dimension to your sitting areas or even create entirely new spaces. You can arrange them attractively in kid-friendly play areas or tie in with the living room to accent your rugs, couches or curtains. Your home may feel cosier and more welcoming while still adding a distinctive personal flair with a few decorative enhancements.

Depending on your preferences and the look you want to achieve, will determine how many 60x60 cushion covers to use in your space. 60 x 60 cm cushion covers work perfectly when layered with smaller square designs or even contrasted against rectangular pieces. If you have an existing traditional aesthetic, then you may want to stick to an even number of square 60 x 60 cushion covers for a more symmetrical look. Odd numbers work best to channel a bold or more contemporary visual display in contrasting colours. Different colours, sizes, and textures blend very well when they are placed in a cohesive and balanced way.

How To Care for Your 60x60 Cushion Covers

Our rectangle 60 x 60 cushion covers will perform best when hand washed and line dried. For protection, flip the covers inside out, keep the zippers closed, or put them in a wash bag to keep them secure during a machine wash. Willow Home & Living offers 60 x 60 cm cushion covers in a variety of designs and hues, giving you infinite options for creating the perfect atmosphere for you. Alternatively, if you'd prefer a choice that was made especially for your space, take a look at our pre-styled Cushion Sets to see how we style these cushion sizes!