40x60 Cushion Covers

Our collection of 40x60 cushion covers features a wide range of hues and designs that are ideal for layering with our square cushion covers. A 40 x 60 cushion cover is perfect to accessorise your sofa or armchair, choose from our popular Velvet designs in Sky Blue or Emerald or our traditional Ticking Stripe in navy to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home. Shop our rectangle 40x60 cushion covers Australia wide, for free delivery on orders overs $80.

Rectangular-shaped 40x60 cm cushion covers might be the ideal accent you need to complete your collection. Due to their extended shape, they can enhance objects in the background and are perfect for the front of an arrangement.

How To Style a 40 x 60 cm Cushion Cover

Combining rectangular forms with traditional square patterns results in a style that is unique and eye-catching. Rectangle cushion covers in 40x60 cm provide unexpected structural elements that can assist unify the overall design of your display and make your square cushion covers a standout decorative element. They create a rich impression of warmth, depth, and textural emphasis when used over another shape. Our neutral range of 40x60 cushion covers means that they can tie in perfectly with your existing decor, however, for an eye catching arrangement, play around with layering, symmetry or contrasting colours!

On the other hand, 40 x 60 cm cushion covers in eye-catching colours or patterns to neutral furniture pieces to make a statement and bring attention to your living room furnishings. Bright and vivid cushion covers like our Velvet rectangle cushion cover or one of our most popular, the Velvet Stripe in 40 x 60 cm will liven up your indoor or outdoor space. Alternatively, a 40x60 cushion cover in neutral tones can offset accent pieces to make a cohesive presentation if you have a strong, vibrant, and colourful living room. Rectangular and square furniture, such as coffee tables, couches, and other statement items, also provides the flexibility to mix geometric elements to complement, unify, and truly make the entire space pop.

Layering cushion covers in 40 x 60 cm will increase the cosiness and focal point of your bedroom or living space. The secret to nailing the arrangement is to comprehend how different colour tones and textures can be merged so that your complete display seems uniform. The right pieces will blend in perfectly with your existing home design aesthetic and alter the ambience of the space to fit your preferences. Additionally, any living space benefits from a coherent design that uses the same shapes throughout to achieve symmetry and alignment. Oblong cushion covers are the ideal complimenting piece to a small sofa, a bench, or an armchair on their own, or serve as an eye-catching addition to an entire arrangement. Rectangular 40x60 cushion covers can be used as the centrepiece of a custom design scheme that will align your room's decor in a new direction.

How To Care for 40x60 Cushion Covers

Our rectangle 40 x 60 cushion covers will perform best when hand washed and line dried for protection. Flip the covers inside out, keep the zippers closed, or put them in a wash bag to keep them secure during a machine wash. Willow Home & Living offers 40 x 60 cm cushion covers in a variety of designs and hues, giving you infinite options for creating the perfect atmosphere for you. To see how we style various cushion sizes, check out our pre-styled Cushion Sets if you'd prefer a choice that was made especially for your space.