70x70 Floor Cushion Covers

Cushion coverings measuring 70x70 offer an opulent and unique presence that may be utilised in a variety of settings. Our 70cm x 70cm cushion covers make a lovely addition to your sofa collection and look amazing as floor cushions. Shop our square 70x70 cushion covers Australia wide for free shipping on orders over $80.

Our 70x70 square cushion coverings are the perfect size for your base layering. By mixing up your square cushion covers and arranging them appropriately, you may quickly and easily give a room a feeling of freshness and vibrancy. One or two striking 70x70 cushion covers for maximum aesthetic impact are the best method to make a dramatic statement when it comes to decorating your living room.

How To Style 70 x 70 cm Cushion Covers

Styling 70 x 70 floor cushion covers can add a cosy and inviting touch to any space, whether it’s a living room, kids’ playroom or outdoor living space. Incorporate cushions of different sizes, shapes, and textures to create visual interest. Play with various patterns and colours that complement the overall decor of the room. Playing with layers is another way to style these larger cushions. Layer smaller cushions in front of larger ones to begin with as a foundation. These cushion covers look great with our 40 x 60 cm cushion covers as they create dimension with contrasting sizes. With this technique, the seating area looks more attractive and inviting. 70 x 70 cushion covers can be used for a variety of things. They can serve as extra seating for visitors, or a comfortable place to relax. When styling floor cushions, take both practicality and aesthetics into account. The ultimate objective is to design a relaxing environment that is both comfortable and aesthetically beautiful.

Since they can be readily moved and rearranged to allow varied seating arrangements or different areas in a space, these larger floor cushion covers can be more flexible and adaptable than traditional furniture. Additionally, as they can be piled or packed away when not in use, 70x70 cm cushion covers can be a space-saving option, especially in smaller living spaces. They provide a relaxed and welcoming environment that encourages a more casual and private meeting with friends and family. With so many different designs, hues, and textures to choose from, floor cushions may fit in with any interior design theme. Overall, floor cushions provide a warm, adaptable, and individualised seating choice that can improve comfort and foster a laid-back atmosphere in any setting. Choose from our patterned Cheeky Monkey cushion cover for a statement piece or our 70x70 French Stripe in Coral as the perfect base.

70cm x 70cm cushion covers with vibrant hues and eye-catching patterns will stand out in a space that is otherwise neutral. Similar to how colourful decor might benefit from soft-coloured couches. A vibrant and bold interior can be balanced and grounded by using neutral colours. Combining several textures will give your area more visual weight and depth, increasing its overall degree of comfort.

How To Care for Cushion Covers in 70x70cm?

Our square 70 x 70 cushion covers will perform best when hand washed and line dried for protection. Flip the covers inside out, keep the zippers closed, or put them in a wash bag to keep them secure during a machine wash. Willow Home & Living offers 70 x 70 cm cushion covers in a variety of designs and hues, giving you infinite options for creating the perfect atmosphere for you. To see how we style various cushion sizes, check out our pre-styled Cushion Sets if you'd prefer a choice that was made especially for your space.