Cushion Cover Set of 6

Selecting the right combination of patterns, colours, and styles when designing a home can be quite a task. At Willow, we've simplified this process by offering a range of pre-styled sets consisting of six cushion covers. These sets are meticulously curated to suit various preferences and interior themes. Our 6-piece collection is ideal for larger spaces, whether it's to accentuate the style in bedrooms, outdoor lounges, or sofas. To assist you in finding the perfect set for your space, our user-friendly filter tool allows you to narrow down your search based on your preferences. For additional inspiration and guidance, you can explore our 'Styling Tips' menu page, offering valuable insights on combining patterns, colours, and styles effectively.

Never too many cushions with our Cushion Cover Set of 6!

A lack of colour and texture can leave a home feeling empty. Our cushion cover sets of 6 inject vibrancy and presence into your space, creating new seating options and enhancing furniture comfort. Layering colours in sets of 6 brings visual intrigue; try black and white or blue and white cushion covers for striking contrasts. Strategically placed, these sets transform dull spaces into vibrant havens. Buying sets is often more cost-effective than individual covers and Willow Home Living offers diverse designs for custom sets. Layering is key for sets of six, pairing large and small cushions for depth allows you to arrange different colours and sizes without overdoing it. Our cushion cover set of 6 comes in two different arrangements or we can even tailor a unique set to your preferences! Explore our complete set options on our dedicated cushion sets page.

Given their detailed and careful creation, Willow Home & Living cushion cover sets are the perfect finishing touch to provide comfort and charm to your home. We ensure that our cushion cover sets feature the richest and most bright colours, patterns, and textures possible, allowing you to keep up with the latest trends and designs. Whether you want something bold or understated, Willow Home & Living has something to suit every taste!