The Bee's Knees

The Bee's Knees - Honeycomb & Hexagon Pattern Cushions

As fresh as springtime, this collection of honeycomb-themed cushion covers makes a bold design statement with its geometric design. These honeycomb cushions come in a wealth of natural, bright colours that will give any room a visual pop.

Nature-Sourced Colours That Perk Up You Home

Available in sandy beige, coral, violet, and emerald, these honeycomb-patterned cushion covers will freshen up any corner of your home. Trimmed in piping for a designer look, these cushion covers will perk up even your oldest cushions and add a wow factor to your home décor.

Pair one of these with solid cushions in coordinating colours, solid-coloured furniture—or mix and match with other patterns for a symphony of colours and design. A honeycomb cushion propped up against the back of a tired-looking chair will bring it back to life again.

The Perfect Cushion for Indoors and Out

Use them in bedrooms, your living room—or even outside on your patio furniture. Made from water-resistant and fade-resistant 420-gsm fabric, each honeycomb cushion will hold up against anything our changeable Australian climate can throw at it.

Snuggle-Worthy Cushions Come in Sizes to Fit All Your Furniture

Available in several sizes to fit any piece of furniture, these beautiful honeycomb cushion covers are as comfortable as a warm hug. Snuggle up against one of these cushions, and you’ll love the feel of the soft, thick fabric against your skin.

Trimmed in piping with double-sided printing and a hidden zipper, these cushion covers have the designer touch that will elevate your home’s décor to the next level. With convenient in-home online ordering, you can order them from the very room they’ll be in—so you can see how the colour combination will work at a single glance.

Add an air of freshness to your home. Order your honeycomb cushion today.