Navy Cushion Covers Australia

Navy is bold, edgy, versatile, and classic! Our extensive collection of navy cushions exudes elegance and sophistication; they are available in a wide range of forms, sizes, and textures, making them suitable for every room and any interior design theme. Shop our Navy Cushion Covers Australia wide for free shipping on orders over $80.

How To Style Navy Blue Cushion Covers

Navy manages to complement almost any colour and offers a well-balanced blend of richness and intensity. The fact that this colour blends so well with common neutral colour schemes like grey, white, taupe, or beige is one of the reasons it has continued to be a popular interior base. It may blend well with transitional, modern, and interiors with classic influences. It is simple to use as a neutral base to provide warmth to a space while yet providing a pleasing contrast. Our Navy Cushion Covers draw attention and pop against lighter and brighter colours and pair perfectly with colours no matter if you’re decorating for a traditional or modern feel. Given that this colour is deep and warm, it should be paired with colours that are bright and clear, like our selection of pink cushion covers, which look fantastic with blue.

Whether you're designing a modern space, a classic room, or a more relaxed interior, combining Navy Blue Cushion Covers with other colours and prints in a coherent way is an art in and of itself. As a result of the colour's association with the water, navy blue is frequently used in coastal designs, which is also why the hue is so popular in Hamptons or Outdoor settings. Our Navy Stripe Cushion Covers is the perfect addition to your coastal home. White is a traditional high-contrast colour that highlights deep-sea tones and breathes new life into navy. As an alternative, if you prefer the subtle approach, pair navy with soft tones such as grey or off-white creams to achieve a stylish and striking combination.

Navy Blue Cushion Covers go particularly well with other jewel-toned pieces, such as ruby, emerald green, or yellow. If you’re looking for bold and striking orange and navy cushions are the perfect contrasting accent pieces. Overlay this with vibrant contemporary and geometric designs such as our ‘Check’ Cushion Cover. This mix of intense colours will rule the space if you’re looking to bring your interior to life.

How To Care for Navy Cushion Covers

Although our Navy Cushion Covers are excellent for both indoor and outdoor use, hand washing and line drying will guarantee that your covers last longer, especially those that are made to resist water and fading. Turn the covers inside out and zip them up if you wish to machine wash them. They can be made even more stable by being put in a wash bag, which will guarantee that you will always have the ideal pillow shape.

Our Navy Cushion Covers from Willow Home & Living bring a sense of elegance to any environment with their grandeur, comfort, and luxury. As a boutique with a location in Sydney, we stay current with interior design trends to give you the most stylish options. To make your furniture appealing, pick from a selection of available options.