Red Cushion Covers

Whether you want a cosy living setting or want to make a statement our Red Cushion Covers can do both. Brighten up a space or create a cosy cushion arrangement with this versatile colour. Shop our Red Cushion Covers Australia wide for free shipping on orders over $80.

When used in its most saturated form, red can have a significant aesthetic impact and offers your space a lively, welcoming atmosphere. This colour surprisingly pairs well with a wide range of interior design aesthetics, making it your best choice whether you want something bold and eclectic or more modern. A mix of block and patterned red cushion covers will stand out against a crisp modern setting. Alternatively if you have a space filled with colour, red is the perfect piece to tie it all together and make an impact! Pair red with navy cushion covers for another gorgeous combination that will give any area a wonderfully sophisticated appearance.

How To Style a Red Cushion Cover

There are countless ways to use red cushion covers to set an atmosphere. Almost any interior design style can incorporate a variety of patterns and red colour hues. It can have a modern, eclectic, contemporary, rustic, or timeless vibe, depending on the hue and setting. It can be incorporated into a neutral space to add a rich touch of colour, or in a moody setting to evoke luxury and sophistication. Style bright whites with red velvet cushion covers to create a sophisticated finish that still looks modern and chic. This combination is perfect for the holidays for tying in the spirit in a subtle and cosy space! Check out our Christmas cushion cover collection for more ideas.

Red is much more versatile when paired with other colours. For instance, a space can be warmed and made to feel cosier and more intimate by using earthy reds, and yellow cushion covers on brown sofas. We have a range of cushion covers in various warm tones such as pink, coral and orange cushion covers that will help create a cosy and welcoming space.

Red Velvet Cushion Covers

Velvet pairs well with a range of other fabrics because it is such a versatile material. For instance, red velvet cushion covers soften and lend a sense of richness to a leather couch. Velvet cushion covers can instantly create a cosy retreat without becoming overbearing, serving a purpose beyond just decoration. Lighter hues are good for making a design that is more understated but yet has a touch of quality. On the other hand bold statement pieces like our red velvet cushion covers can make the room feel luxurious and timeless and pair well with lighter furnishings. The dark colour and velvety texture give neutral palettes depth and contrast. In terms of house decor, balance is vital! Remember velvet cushion covers require a certain amount of care to ensure they last, we’ve provided some tips below.

How To Care for Red Cushion Covers

Don't let the possibility of warping and appearance changes to velvet dissuade you; there are a few easy things you can do to preserve its suppleness and alluring appeal. We suggest using a soft brush and a damp towel for maintenance, or dry cleaning for stubborn spills. As velvet is prone to stains, wipe any spills gently with a dry cloth rather than rubbing the area. This will prolong the life of your velvet cushion cover, especially the fade- and water-resistant treatment.

Red Cushion Covers from Willow Home & Living add a calming, relaxing and warm feel to any space. With their endless options and diversity you are sure to create an arrangement that suits you or alternatively, check out our Cushion Sets to have someone incorporate our red cushion covers for you. Choose from one of our many designs to make your furniture a fascinating topic of conversation.