5 Ways To Turn Your Home to Haven During This Pandemic

March 29, 2020

home to haven

As this pandemic unravels we find that we are spending more and more time at home, so it is very important that we create a calm and positive environment to relax and enjoy. Here are our 5 tips on how you can turn your home to a haven oasis.


 1. Keep it clean and tidy

This is a good time to de-clutter. It sounds boring but trust me, you will feel great after it is done. It will also make it easier and quicker for you to clean. Cleaning is not only for hygienic reasons but it also creates calmness and freshness. Feeling calm and fresh is very important during difficult times.


2. Bring the outside in

This is one of my favourites! I love having fresh flowers in my home but remember it doesn’t always have to be bought. It can be cut flowers from your garden. Studies have shown that flowers decrease depression. Cuttings of herbs or greenery are also great.

If you have potted plants, why not bring them inside for a couple of days? Even better, grow some indoor plants.


3. Display the items that bring you joy

Guess what? This often doesn’t cost you anything because you will most likely have it already. For example a sentimental décor you got as a gift or photos from your travels. Why not take it out and make it a focal point of your display.


4. Make your living space and bedroom more comfortable and relaxing

Since we’ll be spending more time in these spaces, why not make it as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Add some cushions to your sofa, they are not only comfortable to rest on but are also beautiful. Floor cushions are also fantastic, they are popular with kids. Try to make your bedroom an inviting haven to relax in after a difficult and stressful day. Add some gorgeous cushions to make it stylish and inviting. If you have cushions already, even better, mix and match them to make it look fresh.


5. Make it fun and beautiful

Now that you have all the gorgeous décor in your home, spend some time to ‘style and play’ around with it. You will be amazed how beautiful your styling will look when you give it some love and care. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer, the important thing is that you have fun and make it your Haven!!