9 Must-Have Living Room Decor Items

February 14, 2022

9 Must-Have Living Room Decor Items

The living room is not only the most beloved but also the most used part of a house. This is why it has to be maintained in a way that promotes relaxation without compromising the aesthetics. It has to be the perfect blend of beautiful and inviting.

Looking through hundreds of beautiful living areas out there, regardless of the style and themes, we found that they all had something in common. Here is a list of 7 decor items that every stylish living room has in common, plus 2 more to make it more personal and unique. Let’s take a look:

A dash of nature on the coffee table

Living room decor
Pinterest: kinseywalsh.com


A quick glimpse of the most stylish living rooms on your inspiration board will have you noting flowers or greenery set up on the coffee table or somewhere else around the space.

Believe it or not, nature is a mood maker when it comes to interior design. Put a statement planter in a corner or a vase full of fresh flowers in the center of the coffee table and you’ll notice how the entire ambiance will feel richer, fresher, and more appealing. 

Pro tip: If you’re picking out flowers, then opt for ones that are bold, bright, and cheerful - just to add a bit of contrast to the atmosphere. 

Pro tip 2: If you’re choosing tiny planters, then always choose a cluster of three, as they’ll make the table surface feel sufficiently filled up.


Coffee table books

If you regularly host guests or entertain in your living room, then it’s always great to add some conversation starters to your decor. This is where a stack of books comes in. You can get a copy of your favorites and arrange them on the coffee table in a way that will make people notice the titles.

Pro tip: You can go with horizontal or vertical with your book arrangement. If you arrange them vertically side by side, then be sure to pick out some cute bookends to finish things off. If you’re going for an asymmetric horizontal stack, then top it off with a tiny vase or a planter to make the arrangement look complete.


Living room decor

Cushions for the sofa and armchairs

Living room decor
Pinterest: Citrineliving.com


Every living room needs to emulate a sense of inherent comfort and warmth - this is where cushions come in. They’re an excellent way to make your living area feel more beautiful, comfortable, and welcoming. 

Now, picking out these cushions can be fun because they’re usually chosen in colors and patterns that contrast the rest of the furniture. For example, if your sofa is a solid cream or neutral grey, then you can complement it with some dreamy pastels to whims-ify the whole look. If your furniture is upholstered in bold coloured fabric, then choose jewel tones like mustard to get things visually popping. For your tips on styling cushions on your sofa, refer to How To Arrange, Dress & Place Cushions On A Couch Or Sofa.

Throw blanket for a cozier look

Living room decor

Just because the living room is the hub of all entertainment does not mean that it can’t be cozy. In fact, another thing that many stylish living areas have in common is the use of throw blankets to achieve that cozy look. They’re not only excellent for stylizing the whole aesthetic, but also adding a sense of inherent comfort to the ambiance.

Now, there are lots of ways to style throws, and all of them depend on the style of your furniture. If you’ve got a modern tuxedo silhouette sofa, then artfully arranging the throw blanket on its arm and back will leech away the starkness of its straight lines. A camel back sofa would appreciate if the throw is arranged in the center of its seat. 

As for accent chairs, if they have arms, then the throw goes there. If not, then hang on the back in a fashionably disorganized way!

Pro tip: You can also feature multiple throws in your living room by choosing them in a variety of textures and patterns. The one for the sofa can be plain while the one for the ottoman could be small and furry.


Wall art for focal points

 Living room decor


No living room is ever complete if its walls are empty and bare. This is why you need to pick out the most suitable art pieces to brighten things up.

Now, there are essentially three types of wall art that you can choose from:

  • Statement art: This one consists of an oversized frame or canvas that features a single eye-catching subject. It’s usually hung on the wall above the sofa, but if the layout allows, one can also feature it above the fireplace. Do note that the color scheme of your statement art should contrast with your furniture upholstery. This will make things more visually dynamic.

  • Multifaceted artwork: Many people are opting for triptychs (three piece), quadtych (four piece), and quintych (five piece) wall art style to add more personality to their living room statement walls. Since each of these artwork consists of related artworks, they tend to make the eye move from one frame to the next while adding value to the wall at hand.

  • Gallery walls: Gallery walls are an amazing way to make your living rooms feel stylish. They can either be arranged in a mismatched, eclectic collection or be fashioned in a straightlaced, symmetrical and highly modern arrangement. It depends on the theme that you’re styling your room in.

Lighting - Lamps

Living room decorPip & Haze (Stylist: @albertandgrace and Photographer: @hannahpuechmarin)


Aside from being the fourth dimension of a room, lighting and light fixtures have a way of transforming the waya simple living room is perceived.

If you want to add gravity to the ambiance, then you should do a mix-and-match of warm and cool lighting. If the ceiling lights are white, then a statement wall lamp in one corner of the living room should emit warm light. If that’s not enough, then two table lamps can be placed on the end tables on each side of the sofa for more. 


Candles & home fragrances

Living room decor

A truly stylish living room not only looks good, but also smells good. This is why you must always take measures to add pretty aromas to the ambiance. Scented candles are always a top choice - you can place them in trendy DIY tray arrangements on your coffee tables or sideboards.

If they’re not your cup of tea, then you can also opt for home fragrances. These electronic diffusers can be seamlessly incorporated within the room’s decor and are an excellent way to effuse the air with your favorite scents at a moment’s notice.


Personal photos


Living room decor


Personal photos are an excellent way to personalize your living room. They not only effuse a bit of you and your family within the ambiance, but also make for some great conversation starters if you’re floundering.

Now, there are a lot of ways to feature these photos within the room. If you want to be subtle, then a small frame on the end table is a great idea. If you want your family to have a big presence within the room, then consider a wall gallery..


Something collected from your travels

Living room decor

Lastly, you can feature a travel souvenir in your living room to complete the look. It might be as simple as a jar of sea shells that you collected from a beach to glow-in-the-dark clay pottery with beautifully painted patterns.

Aside from being conversation starters, these objects can also add some distinct personality to your living rooms. It’s best to always feature them in highly visible places so that they can be easily noticed.

So, these are some must-have decor items for every trendy living room. We hope you find this list helpful and manage to make your living rooms livelier and more beautiful than ever.


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