Best Cushion Inserts: Our Review

July 16, 2020

Best Cushion Inserts: Our Review

Hi, I'm Anh and today I'm going to do a review on feather cushion inserts. The size that I've chosen is 50 by 50 centimetre, which is the perfect size to put in the standard 45 by 45 centimetre cushion cover. The brands that I've chosen are Adairs, IKEA and Pillow Talk. All three brands you can order online.

Of all three brands, the Adairs one is the heaviest at 1.1 kilos. It is also slightly larger in size, making it the most plump when you see it in our 45 by 45 centimetre cover. It costs around $25.

Now with IKEA's one It weighs around 830 grams. In terms of plumpness it's very similar to Pillow Talk. It is the cheapest of the three brands costing only $10 per insert. So it's great value for money.

Now with Pillow Talk, it weighs a bit more than IKEA but not as much as Adairs. It weighs around 920 grams with the plumpness, to me, it's pretty much the same as IKEA, and it costs $15 per insert.

Now, hope you found the review helpful. Have you tried those brands? What do you like or don't like about them or love to hear from you