January 25, 2022


When we think of Hamptons style, we are inspired by The Hamptons in Long Island, New York. Imagination takes us to a bright home of generous proportions with a rich coastal vibe.

Australians have adopted this charming style because it suits our relaxed lifestyle. Our version of a Hamptons home is not as grand as our American friends, but certainly still packs a punch. This home can be found anywhere in Sydney, up the far NSW North Coast, Queensland, Port Melbourne and Perth.

Builders are open to the architecture of a Hamptons home, focusing on individual style and personalising it for a client. I see the modern Hamptons being favoured, due to the fact it has less rules, but when it comes to interiors, it is important to get the fundamentals right to achieve this inspiring concept.

So, you want to create the perfect Hamptons bedroom, then look no further! We have curated three mood boards just for you.


Mood Board 1

Hamptons Coastal Bedroom

Mood board Curated by Willow Home & Living

 When choosing a colour scheme, personality comes in to it. If you want a dreamy, whimsical ambience, then this mood board is for you. 

It is important to remember the Hamptons distinguishing characteristics and nothing screams Hamptons more than our velvet Duck - Egg Blue cushion paired with our new range Check – Duck Egg Blue and Grey cushion. Team it with our off-white linen Bianca cushion and the gorgeous Louis for a combination of soft blue shades, light and airy whites, setting up a gorgeous contrast against whitewashed framed furniture from Lavender Hill Interiors.

When selecting homewares the all-white table lamp from Lavender Hill Interiors will blend in seamlessly and help highlight your soft furnishings. The organic cotton jersey bed cover from Few & Far is ‘far’ from understated.

 Blue is a versatile colour, it can be calming and peaceful. If you desire a subtle pink why not introduce our Jardin chinoiserie cushion and add a touch of tradition with the decorative Ginger Jar from Belle La Vie Home.

 The woven hand knotted wool rug from Lavender Hill Interiors adds warmth on a cold winter’s day. Hamptons is a lifestyle, so for the style-savvy throw in a generous armchair from Coastal Living, our Marino wool-blend Throw in Beige, together with seascape Artworks from Designer Boys Art, and you have truly set the tone for this popular interior. 

You do not need a mansion at Palm Beach or in Mosman, just imagination!


Mood Board 2

Hamptons Coastal Bedroom

Mood board Curated by Willow Home & Living

We have the perfect Australian conditions for this style preference.  If you are longing for a relaxed coastal feel, but crave a touch of sophistication, then you will love this refreshing organic interior.

If you are inspired by the beautiful homes and resorts in Byron Bay, without the wild hair don’t care attitude, then you can’t go past dark shades of blue and neutrals, against charming palm motifs. It is so classy and takes inspiration from an Australian bush setting overlooking the sea.

Cushions play an integral part in achieving the Hamptons look by showcasing a colour scheme. Our Hymas cushion provides a relaxed contrast against our ever so versatile Off-white linen Bianca cushion. The rustic rattan bedhead and the grouped navy tropical leaf prints, all from Lavender Hill Interiors, co-ordinate effortlessly for that seaside Hamptons style.


The table lamp from Coastal Living encompasses the space without compromising on elegance and will be the perfect companion for the minimalist bedside table from Coastal Living.

The textured relaxed and elegant Jute rug from Lavender Hill Interiors, completes the look quick smart! By the way, if you like pin stripes, let’s keep moving along, in fact, if you like Hamptons style this means you adore pin stripes!


Mood Board 3

Hamptons Coastal Bedroom

Mood board Curated by Willow Home & Living 

If a nautical seaside vibe is you, then this bedroom is going to blow you away.

Hamptons can be strong and bold or it can be soft and warm.  This one is for those who want that ‘something in between’. This timeless style works a treat in a male’s domain, but perfect for those who still like the pretty things in life. 

The lamp from April & Oak adds depth to this alluring space. The rich navy and linen oak bedhead from Lavender Hill Interiors paired with at least two of our new Navy and white piping cushions and the fun multi stripe Cabana will make a prominent statement. Team it with the carefully curated oversized Artwork from Designer Boys Art, and this is anything but contemporary and everything Hamptons! 

Break away from tradition and go with the eye-catching red striped rug from Lavender Hill Interiors, it will captivate you and I promise it will never get boring!

Whether you live by the ocean or not, this is the perfect Hamptons feel you may be striving for.

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We hope our Hamptons/Coastal Mood Boards inspired you gave you some ideas where to source Hamptons/Coastal furniture and decors from. For complimentary personalised cushionstyling, reach out to us via our contact page and we will have fun styling together.