How to create the perfect Hamptons Style cushion set

May 22, 2021

How to create the perfect Hamptons Style cushion set

How to create the perfect Hamptons Style cushion set?

Another very common question we get from our clients. And it is also one of our favorite questions. The best part is there is no right or wrong answer, it all depends on the look you want to achieve. And the options are endless!

The Hamptons is a classic and sophisticated coastal decorating style. It is inspired by the sea so it has a relaxed and casual elegant vibe. Here are our top 5 tips to creating the perfect Hamptons cushion set for your gorgeous  home.

  • Colours of the Ocean

  • The Soft and neutral colour palette is very popular in Hamptons interiors and this also applies when styling your cushions. Think blue, white, beige, grey and sandy colours. Blue and white tends to be the most popular colours in hamptons interiors however too often we see people trying to match and use one shade of blue. This is ok however it can be a little flat and a little boring over time. 

    Like the ocean and the sky, there are numerous shades of blues so when selecting your cushions, you should also pick different shades and tones for example, have a mix of dark blue, sky blue, duck egg blue, aqua, teal and sea mist. This will not only make your cushion set more beautiful but also more interesting and sophisticated.

    Here Jo @coastalhomelove created a stunning hamptons style cushion set with three different shades of blue and a soft green. Jo used Duck Egg Blue Velvet, with Sea Mist French stripes and a deeper blue background with the green hydrangeas cushion. Simply beautiful!


    hamptons cushions
    Photo credit: Jo @coastalhomelove (cushions from Willow Home & Living)

  • Mix and Match your patterns

  • We know it can be tricky mixing patterns, colours and designs together so make sure you spend a bit of time on this. Play with patterns by mixing up scales and paring organic patterns with stripes. 

    We love mixing floral and stripes together, it always works! But don’t stop there! Solid colour or neutral cushions are as important as the pattern ones. They allow your eyes to rest and complete your cushion set. 

    If floral is not your thing, that’s ok, try: seaside motifs; chinoiseries and geometric patterns. They are perfect for Hamptons interiors. Be sure to check our exclusive chinoiseries designs out, they are truly stunning!


    hamptons cushion set
    Photo credit @willowhomeliving

  • Don't’ be afraid to add a pop of colour

  • We are seeing more and more people adding a pop of colour to their Blue and White hamptons interiors. And we love it! Some of our favourite colours to use are green, coral and pink. Coral, and pink are great colours to add warmth to blue and white. 


    hamptons cushion combo
    Photo credit: @willowhomeliving


  • Elevate your Hamptons style cushions with texture

    Textures like soft cotton and linen make it relaxed and casual. And with the addition of luxurious velvet cushions your hamptons interior will be elevated to the next level. 

    Soft fringing and tassel cushions are also a great option for adding textures. It’s less formal and fun! 


    hamptons cushion combo set
    Photo credit @willowhomeliving

  • Play with Scale and Shapes

  • Mixing cushion sizes are important because it creates a more relaxed and casual look and we know this is important to Hamptons styling. You can create a cushion set by mixing your larger (60x60cm) cushions with medium (45x45cm) and smaller rectangular cushions (30x50cm). 

    Photo credit: Hayley @mumlittlelove (cushions from Willow Home & Living)

    We hope you find those tips helpful!

    For personalised cushion styling, visit our Styling page to get more information.Take a look at our velvets fabric and linen blend close up to find the perfect look for your cushions, for both inside the home and out. Alternatively, we have pre styled cushion sets that you can choose from. All the hard work is done for you.