How to style with floral cushions?

June 30, 2021

How to style with floral cushions?

How to style with floral cushions? 

We all love floral patterns in one way or another because it’s timeless, pretty and makes us feel happy. But how do we style it beautifully for our home? Making sure it’s timeless, beautiful and not too busy or tacky? Today, we’ll show you how to do it using cushions as an example. And of course you can apply the same if not similar approach across other decors too.

First of all pick the floral cushion that you love and use it as a base for your cushion styling. Make sure that the colours and pattern you choose complement well with your existing decor. 

What we love about floral patterns is that it tends to have variations of colours and hues. Making it versatile and it offers us more options to pair with other colours. So we can have fun with colours!

Let’s have a look at a few floral cushions together.

   Sienna, Emily & Antonella

  1. Sienna                           2. Emily                         3. Antonella

The first one is the Sienna: straight away you can see the gorgeous variations of colours, blue, green, pink and apricots. And within those colours there are also various shades you can pick from to base your styling. 

The Second cushion is the Emily: a classic floral pattern featuring pretty roses in different sizes, at different angles and colours. Here the main colour is pink but there are also blue, green, grey and red.

The third cushion is Antonella: a classic and timeless blue and white floral pattern. The great thing about blue and white is that you can pair it with many other colours. For example grey, green, coral, pink.

After selecting your favourite floral cushion the next step is to create a WOW cushion combo. Here are five different ways you can style your floral cushions.


Floral cushions with Solid colours

1. Floral with Solid colours

Solid colours add a modern touch to floral patterns, it also allows the floral pattern to shine and allow your eyes to rest. To keep things cohesive, stick to hues that are common with the floral pattern. Here Devina @homelyaddiction paired the Emily cushions with solid blue velvet cushions to make it cohesive and also modern.    


The same floral cushions, below the Emily, were styled with not only blue but also Pink solid colour velvets. This combo is so pretty! 

Floral cushions with Solid colours


2. Floral with Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are generally strong and bold so it’s great to pair with the soft and feminine florals. When styled together they complement each other perfectly.

Floral cushions with Geometric patterns

3. Flower Power

If floral is your thing and the more the better, then go for it! When done right, it will look stunning. And it will elevate any space. 


The trick is to use varying scales of floral patterns. For example, start with a large floral print pattern at the back and smaller floral cushions in front. Having different textures will also make your styling more interesting and sophisticated, so why not add a cushion with tassels or fringing?


Here Jo @coastalhomelove styled our gorgeous Sienna and Antonella floral designs together to create a WOW cushion combo. The varying scales of the floral and the cohesiveness of the blue colours makes this combo truly beautiful. This is one of our favourite cushion combos. 

Floral cushion combinations

4. Floral and Stripes

You can’t go wrong with stripes and floral pairing. It works wonderfully! You can try different types of stripes for example, french stripes are smaller in scale and it’s subtle while classic stripes are larger and bold. 

Floral cushions with Striped cushions

5. Floral and Velvets

Velvets work beautifully with floral because of the elegance they evoke. Here we have the Antonella blue and white floral cushions paired with our luxurious indoor and outdoor velvet cushions. This cushion combo is perfect for your outdoor entertaining area as well as your indoor sofas.   

Floral cushions with Velvet cushions

We hope you find those tips helpful!


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For personalised cushion styling, visit our Styling page to get more information.Take a look at our velvet fabric and linen blend close up to find the perfect look for your cushions, for both inside the home and out. Alternatively, we have pre styled cushion sets that you can choose from. All the hard work is done for you. 


Have Fun Styling!


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