Kerri Shipp from Driftwood Interiors - Interviews with the interior experts

April 11, 2020

Kerri Shipp from Driftwood Interiors - Interviews with the interior experts

I have been a huge fan of Kerri Shipp for years and recently, I had the honour of catching up with her, the talented Australian artist and stylist behind Driftwood Interiors

Driftwood Interiors specialise in creating bespoke artwork to create spaces that truly reflect your style and personality. Contemporary accents, vintage pieces and natural textures are the trademarks of their design philosophy.


1. I read that you started in corporate, so what path led you to where you are now with your wall art business Driftwood Interiors? 

I’ve always loved art and design, but it really wasn’t a viable career path when I was young. So I did the sensible thing and became a financial planner. But it was never really me. When my eldest daughter was a year old, I (along with the rest of my office) was made redundant. I took a local painting class and that was it – I never looked back. I started small with an Etsy store, and it all went from there.


2. What inspires you?

Everything! I find inspiration in so many places, but nature is definitely my biggest source of inspiration. I’ve always been a big reader of design magazines too – they’re great for colour trends.


3. What is your favourite part of your job and what is the most challenging? 

My favourite part is definitely the painting side – it’s why I started this business and I love nothing more than taking an idea for a new painting and translating what’s in my head onto paper. The most challenging is trying to do everything as a small business owner. I’ve found great help along the way but there always seems to be so many areas that need attention at once. My goal for this year is to delegate more of this to experts in their field so I can focus on what I do best – create.


4. I love your Hamptons/Coastal Blue and White collection, was this your first collection?

Thanks Anh, so glad you like it! My first collection was actually my blue and white ginger jar /Chinoiserie collection. My mum has a huge collection of antique china and I thought they would be beautiful subjects to paint. They were very popular and were featured in Martha Stewart Living Magazine – definitely a dream come true.


5. What is the one advice you would like to give creative individuals wishing to start their own business? 

Start small, and develop your own style. Don’t be copying what other people are doing – do what you love and go from there. Etsy was a fantastic place to start back in the day, and although it’s changed a lot over the years, it’s still an inexpensive way to dip your toes in the water. Social media is a must to get your name out there, so I’d suggest creating as much as you can and share it with your audience. It’s a great way to see what works and what people respond to.


6. Where do you see your business developing in the future? 

I have big plans – watch this space! But I plan to keep creating what I love, as I find people really respond well to art that’s created with passion and heart.


Getting close and personal…

  1. How do you start your day? I start with a walk – it clears my head and gets the body moving. And then coffee! 
  2. What else are you passionate about besides your work? My family, animals, and reading – I read anything and everything.
  3. What's one thing people may not know about you? I love sports of any kind. I love to play it and I love watching it. 
  4. In 5 years I'd like to be ....Doing what I’m doing now but with more ease and flow. Focusing on the areas of the business that light me up and delegating the rest to someone else ☺ 
  5. What can't you live without? Same as my passions really – my family, my pup, and creating art. Oh and coffee…and books.