Outdoor Alfresco Styling - How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Space You Will Love

November 18, 2021

Outdoor Alfresco Styling - How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Space You Will Love

We have curated three stunning mood boards for your inspiration

Our back gardens are an extension of our Australian climate, making outdoor living possible all year round. 

Our winters are noticeably getting milder and our summers longer, so creating a functional alfresco area within our home is a must have for most.

Having an outdoor space can be a life saver when entertaining large groups of family or friends, or hosting that Christmas lunch. If you cannot bear to have your rugs or floors trashed, or you simply do not have the room inside, but have an expansive backyard, then taking it outdoors is the ultimate solution.  Just quietly, no one will argue whether small or large, that this area within your home during current times is essential for our mental health.  

If you have an ideal space but you are not sure how to take it to the next level, we are here to help you create the perfect outdoor area you will love. 

Firstly, it will help to have a clear objective before you start planning. Whether its purpose is for entertaining or just relaxing with your loved ones, pet or favourite book, it is important to consider what suits your personality and lifestyle. 

Decorating and furnishing your alfresco, terrace, courtyard, balcony or rooftop area the correct way will help optimise its use. So, if you would like to be transported to an inviting and alluring realm within your home, keep reading!


outdoor alfresco styling

Here are some examples of how to make clever use of your private oasis and turning it into something more than just a place to breathe and recuperate. 

The number one rule when spending time outside is you want to avoid feeling hot, cold or lack protection from the sun or wind, so taking steps to ensure the zone is comfortable is essential.  There are so many options to consider, for example, fans for cooling, shade to shield you form the elements, heating for warmth for the cooler evenings. 

Open air spaces without enclosures or garden structures have advantages, especially on a clear evening, as it will not rob you of a beautiful night sky, but make sure you have the necessities to ensure your area is still useable when the weather changes. 

A rustic Tuscan-inspired design will definitely lend itself to an open air space. Why not consider growing a grapevine or wisteria across a nearby wall or window, and you will be transported to that Villa in Tuscany you have been eyeing off. 

The addition of quality cushions to suit the style will define the space. 

Always buy weather resistant outdoor cushions that withstand hot temperatures to retain their quality. When selecting cushions, opt for a cover that is removable and washable and remember to re-position them from time to time to avoid fading.

Mood Board 1

If a coastal outdoor area appeals to you, make sure your surrounding garden is green and lush. Adding lots of potted plants if you have a small courtyard or balcony will make it feel green and fresh, but do not over crowd. 


outdoor alfresco styling

Your base should consist of whites, grey and blues. Decorate with homewares in neutral tones and include silver toned lanterns, like these ones from Pottery Barn are perfect.  Try to keep decorations to a minimum though, remember less is more in this setting. 

Always co-ordinate your homewares with your cushions, this is a good way to keep the colour scheme interesting and help create a desirable setting that you will love. 

Our Mia Green and Blue Hydrangeas outdoor cushion together with the Sky Blue Velvet, fits the bill nicely for this bright and airy space. The chunky sectional wicker lounge from Pottery Barn evokes a feeling of comfort and is accommodating.  Always purchase the best quality furniture that you can afford, as it has to with-stand the test of time and weather the elements and also be comfortable enough for family and friends to linger. 

The dining table setting like this one from Woodbury House is perfect for large gatherings and very functional. 

For that natural element, a deck made out of wide oak floor boards or pavers in soft grey tones will look striking. 

The dinner plates in melamine also from Pottery Barn, have an intricate design that will match any season and more importantly are durable, giving you peace of mind when entertaining 

The minimalist traditional wall light from Lighting Collective, Byron Bay is suitable for this ocean inspired space and you will never be in the dark, as it will provide the right amount of lighting for that ambience you are looking for when the sun goes down.

If you are after an entertaining space that your guests will not want to leave, this will be an impressive choice. Cheers! 

Mood Board 2 

If you have a strong eye for design, black and white decorating is a classy option. This is a combo that never dates.


The main contender here is the sectional lounge from Outdoor Elegance. It provides an adequate sitting area and pairs beautifully with our black and white cushion set. The black and white against the grey upholstery adds a sense of contrast. This space, even though bold, still gives a feeling of calmness.

The natural limestone tiles from Amber Tiles add warmth and balance. Adding a neutral jute rug for further interest under your feet, like this one from Pottery Barn will be a stunning canvas.

The black umbrella with the off-white fringe from Basil Bangs adds a touch of elegance and will polish off the look nicely.  

No one will blame you for wanting to spend hours on end in this well-styled space.

Mood Board 3

Creating a terrace has to suit the architectural style of your home and flow on from your kitchen or living area.

This cohesive design will suit a Federation home, but it doesn’t mean it will not work in a modern setting. Remember mixing old with new can be impressive and is so on trend.


outdoor alfresco styling

The handcrafted outdoor swing chair suspended from the ceiling from Cartia Collective, is designed for pure relaxation, making it the focal point.  Or is it the exquisite mosaics underfoot from Olde English Tiles the main feature? Either or, you decide, but keep it simple with everything else.  Having said this, our Safari Dreams cushion is less than simple and will blend in seamlessly, casting a different story with the pop of yellow dominating the overall look. 

The complementing dining table setting from Outdoor Elegance will most certainly seal the deal in this elegant setting. 

Creating this well thought out terrace will be the envy of your neighbourhood.

We hope those mood boards provided you with great inspirations for your outdoor areas. Of those three, which is your favourite? We would love to hear from you.

We are here to help, so do reach out to us via our contact page or email anh@willowhomeliving.com.au if you need help with your styling, especially when it comes to picking the right cushions for your outdoor areas.

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