Six Ways To Elevate Your Interior Styling With Cushions

April 08, 2020

Six Ways To Elevate Your Interior Styling With Cushions


We all love to decorate with cushions but how do we style it to elevate our home? How do we make it look WOW? Here are my six top tips.

  1. Always style with good quality cushions! Piped cushions have a more refined look. Cushions are like accessories to our outfits e.g. earrings and necklace, so when done right, it elevates the overall look.


  1. Make sure your cushion combo works well with your existing décor but it also has a pop of colour that will bring the room to life. For example, if your sofa is neutral in colour, don’t use neutral cushions because it will look washed out and boring. Style with bright coloured cushions, mixture of patterns and textures. You can draw colours from existing decors or artwork.


  1. Add a rich, luxe texture of velvet to your cushion combo. Velvet is such a luxury fabric so it’s a great way to add sophistication to your styling. Good quality velvets is not only thick, soft but also lustrous.


  1. Use good and correct size inserts. The cushions are only as good as the inserts. Some polyester inserts makes the cushions look boxy. Feather or down inserts are best. In regards to insert sizes, it’s best to have inserts around 5cms larger than the cover. For example for a 45x45cm cushion cover, use 50x50cm insert. Feather/down inserts will also allow you to do the ‘chop’ make the cushions look plump and full.


  1. Use cushions to style your outdoor areas. Often we only use cushions indoors but you will be amazed to see the transformation it will do to your outdoor space. It will not only elevate your style but also adds great comfort your outdoor living. Invest into good indoor and outdoor cushions and you will have the best of both worlds.


  1. Change your cushion combo to so that it is suitable for the season. Even if you just swap out a few cushions, you will be surprise by how much the room changes.


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