Styling With Black Cushions

October 07, 2021

black cushion styling

How To Style Black Cushions

If there’s one colour that you can never go wrong with, it’s black! The dark, achromatic essence of this hue is perfect for contrasting and accenting various interior design themes - thus, it’s the best colour for cushions!

No matter what type of furniture you’ve got (accent chair, couch, a bed, or more), black cushions can definitely ramp its aesthetic up. However, you don’t exactly have to go for full solid black fabric for cushions - there are multiple designs and ways to style it. Here’s a bit more about them.

What interior design style uses black cushions?

Black cushion covers are highly versatile, so they can be paired with most interior design styles. Solid black ones look stunning in austere modern settings. Stripes, Iznik, swirls, and floral patterns fit in well with contemporary and eclectic spaces. Tassled black cushions work well in rustic interiors, and piped ones look great in all of them. Florals work well in retro or vintage themes, but most contemporary styles appreciate geometric patterns.

Style Black Cushions

What are the most popular patterns for black cushions?

While solid black cushions are an evergreen option, other popular patterns in this genre include stripes, animal print, chevron, floral, damask, and complex geometry.

Why are black cushions so popular?

Black cushions are incredibly popular because they’re timeless and work well with almost everything. Need contrast? Bring in the black cushions. Want an aesthetic uplift? Black cushions have got you! Need to create an attractive focal point? Just put some black cushions on your statement furniture and it’ll be done.

That said, if you’re wondering how you can style black cushions, here are some tips for you:

Solids and Stripes

Styling Black Cushions

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Solid and striped black cushions pair really well together. There’s a deep visual contrast that can be explored here. On the one hand, you have a jet black fabric that irrevocably catches the eyes, but can very rarely sustain the attention. On the other hand, you have a striped fabric that causes visual movement but ultimately leads you to look in another direction. But when you pair them both together, they can hold your attention while providing the right kind of visual appeal to the furniture that they are accentuating.

Solids on Solids

Style Black Cushion covers

Solid black cushions can be paired with other solid-coloured cushions. Some brilliant colours to pair with solid black cushions are emerald green, royal blue, dusty pink, yellow, chocolate brown and of course the classic white. 

Mixing & Matching Patterns

Styling Black Cushion covers
Image Source: Craftsonfire

You can use black cushions to create a boho-chic or eclectic look. But it’s important to note that visual eye-balling, scale, and balance are very important here because you’re essentially putting clashing patterns together, and one false move can end up in a garish look.

The best way to mix and match is by creating a nice backdrop for the patterned cushions with a large, solid black cushion. It will make for an eye-catching focal point against which you can arrange patterned black and white cushions to create a holistic look.

Pro tip: This arrangement looks even better when the furniture upholstery is contrasting light, e.g. white, cream, ivory, etc.

Stripes and Stripes

Style Black Cushions

We’ve looked at how we can style solid black and striped cushions, but did you know that you can also do a stripes-on-stripes aesthetic? See, there are so many variations in stripes - thin stripes, thick stripes, stylistic stripes, etc. - that you can mix and merge them to create a nice, visually appealing aesthetic. 

While styling black striped cushions together, you must make sure that the cushions with a heavier visual weight (usually with stripes with narrow spaces in-between) are at the back, so that the lighter ones can look good at the front. 

Patterned Black & Solid Whites

Style Black Cushions

Black and white is the classiest combination, and it remains so even when articulated in cushion form. You can achieve the most sophisticated version of this combo by pairing patterned (preferably geometric) black cushions with solid, sleek white ones. The styling option will definitely result in a sophisticated and elegant look, which you can enhance even more by ensuring that the furniture upholstery is in dark hues like slate, charcoal, etc.

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