What Colour Cushions Go With a Blue Sofa?

February 27, 2024

What Colour Cushions Go With a Blue Sofa?

A blue sofa can be truly transformed with the right accessories, especially cushions but sometimes executing this can be difficult.

Are you wondering how a blue sofa might improve the visual attractiveness of your living area? Blue is renowned for its adaptability, calming influence, and classic elegance. But when it comes to accessorising, choosing the appropriate cushion covers for a blue sofa can really help you strike the ideal combination of comfort and design. Here’s what cushion cover combinations can enhance the appeal of your blue sofa as we explore the world of colour coordination.

Photo Credit: Lavender Hill Interiors


Linen and Natural Cushion Covers for Luxury & Elegance

Choose natural cushion covers for your blue sofa if you like traditional and timeless interior design. The light shades of the cushion create a calm and elegant atmosphere and work perfectly with the soothing qualities of the blue. This style is particularly favourable in coastal or Hamptons homes to bring the colours of the ocean into your living space! Each piece provides a subtle touch while still being more elegant and beautiful, ranging from cream and beige tones to off-white tones.


Vibrant Colours for a Modern Look!

If you're looking for a way to liven up your space, it's as simple as adding some colourful accent cushions to your blue sofa. Emerald green, red, or vibrant yellow cushion covers can give the room a lively, playful feel. If you’d really like to make a statement, multicoloured cushion covers are perfect for incorporating a range of colours and tying in the blue from the sofa. Contrasting colours can also help make an impact in your visual appeal. Since blue and orange are opposite colours on the colour wheel, orange cushions create a dynamic combination that is sure to contribute to a bold living space! No matter what combination you choose, the right cushion covers can be wonderful if utilised successfully.

Styling by Jo @coastalhomelove


Turn Your Room into a Retreat with Harmonious Colours!

To achieve the perfect harmonious and balanced look, select cushions that are complementary to blue on the colour wheel. Teal, aqua or various shades of green are perfect cushions for a blue sofa as they create a visually appealing display that is still calming and not in your face! This combination is perfect for those who appreciate a coordinated and well-put-together aesthetic without being too monochromatic. You can’t go wrong when you bring the colours of nature together!

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Create Visual Depth with Geometrics or Stripes!

Don't be afraid to combine different patterns and textures when choosing your cushions for a more unique and diverse look. Add striped cushions, geometric patterns, or even floral elements to pillows in solid colours. The secret is to keep everything unified using a colour palette that is similar and adds dimension and visual appeal to your seating space.


Add Textures To Make Your Blue Sofa More Interesting

Mix your cushions up with different textures. For example, create a beautiful cushion combo with patterned linen cushions and add some solid velvet cushions and add soft fringed ones as well. Having different textures draws the eyes to different cushions and it is seriously just beautiful.

Experiment, have fun, and let your blue sofa become the centrepiece of a stylish and inviting living space. With the right cushion colours, you can transform your sofa into a canvas of comfort and beauty.

Styling by Hayley @mumlittleloves