Why Do We Love Velvet Cushions?

December 16, 2021

Why Do We Love Velvet Cushions?

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Which fabric comes to mind when you think of the word “luxury?” It’s velvet, isn’t it?

That’s because nothing says upscale and swanky like velvet cushions. They’re soft, elegant, and look positively fine when styled atop your cherished furnishings. The texture of the fabric is thick and sumptuous - perfect for evoking a posh and classy appeal. No matter what type of upholstery such cushions are paired with, they always tend to feel lavish and magnificent.

What’s even better is that these days, you can also feature velvet cushions on the outdoor furniture of your gardens and patios thanks to their water-repellent and UV-resistant technology. 

velvet cushions

How to style velvet cushions?

There are many ways in which you can style velvet cushions. Here are our favourite 8 styles and tips for you.


1. Summers vs. Winters: A Year-Round Fabric!

velvet cushions

Contrary to popular belief, velvet is not just a winter fabric - it can work just as well in the summer season. Note that you’re not wearing it - your cushions are! So there’s no need for you to literally or figuratively sweat it!

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Pro tip: It’s best to choose your velvet cushion colours to match the seasons! Go for bright, vibrant colours like hot pink for summers and understated, wintery hues like Burnt Orange and Red. You can always use neutrals like white, sandy, and beige for contrast with both types of colour schemes!


2. Knowing Your Velvet Type

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Photo Credit: Hayley @mumlittleloves for Willow Home & Living

While velvet is generally considered a soft fabric with a smooth nap, it’s also got some very fine fibres that give it a shiny effect. In the past, it used to be made of silk (thus the prestigious history), today, it can also be derived from cotton, mohair, wool, linen, and other types of synthetic fabrics.

This has made it quite affordable. However, you must always know which type of velvet cushion you’re opting for because it will help you determine whether it’s suitable for indoor or outdoor usage. 

3. Making Jewel Tones Pop

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velvet cushions 5

Jewel-toned velvet cushions like Burnt Orange and Emerald are always a bold and brilliant choice, as they act as veritable focal points that can make your furniture pop! Whether you’ve got a black sofa or a cream-coloured armchair, these colours are bright enough to make any and all kinds of furniture the absolute statement fixtures of your home!

4. Pairing With Patterns

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velvet cushions 7
Photo Credit: Jo @coastalhomelove for Willow Home & Living

While it’s completely alright to feature velvet cushions in a freestanding manner, they look amazing when matched with patterned counterparts. If you select a patterned cushion in the same colour as the solid velvet one so that both create a nice visual zing together.

Pro tip: This type of a cushion pairing works best when the background upholstery works in complete contrast to your cushion’s colour scheme. For example, if you’ve got a navy blue solid and patterned cushion, then a light and understated grey, cream, or beige upholstery would pair the best with it.


5. Choosing From The Different Colour Spectrum

velvet cushions 8

If there’s one thumb rule that you must always adhere to while styling velvet cushions, it should be this: always choose your cushions to contrast the backdrop. If it’s a dull-hued sofa (e.g. pine green, navy blue, etc.) then pair it with bright coloured velvet cushions a la mustard, sandy, or orange. If it’s a grey or slate bed headboard you’ve got, then go for fresh rose pink velvet cushions to spruce things up!

6. Styling Along With The Accents

velvet cushions 9

You can always choose your velvet cushions in terms of accents. Simply put, note the colour scheme of your accents (also known as the tertiary colour scheme). If it runs in blues, then choose your cushions to match them. If it runs in rusts, then pick accordingly. 

Pro tip: Emerald green is one of the best tertiary colour schemes to match your velvet cushions with. This is because it’s usually picked out to complement the surrounding plants, so it adds to the overall refreshing aura of the space.

7. Experiment With Stripes

velvet cushions 10

Velvet cushions may have an inherently classical appeal, but they tend to work well with contemporary patterns. They look especially good with stripes, so if you’re thinking of giving your furniture a fashionable, eclectic look, then this is the combination to opt for. 

Pro tip: Always put your solid velvet cushions in the back, so that the stripes can use them as the backdrop. This way, the velvet will also act as a mediator between the furniture fabric and the striped cushions, thereby creating a nice, holistic effect.

8. Styling In Lights & Darks

velvet cushions 11

You can always use a mix-and-match of dark and light solid velvet cushions to spruce up your furniture. But do remember to lighten things up with one or two patterns in the mix. This will keep the whole setting from looking too boring and monotonous.

Pro tip: Choose various hues from the same colour scheme for your cushions to create a sense of harmony and visual balance. Then contrast them with neutral shades. Blues and whites work together well, but brighter colours like magenta, emeralds, and burgundies need a touch of gold-beige to stand out.

Click here to view our luxurious velvet collection. All our velvet cushions are  water-repellent and UV-resistant, making them perfect for indoor and outdoors use.  

So, this was your glimpse into the world of velvet cushions and how they can be styled beautifully to make your furniture stand out! We hope this guide helps you pick out the best option for yourself.

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