Bedroom Styling Tips For Winter

May 11, 2021

Bedroom Styling tips for winter

It’s time to cosy up!

Are you feeling colder at night? Well, winter is coming! And it’s time to get cosy up. Here are our 5 favourite tips for creating a cosy bedroom.


1. Bedding

The first and most likely the easiest one is to swap your quilt to one that is thicker, heavier and warmer. After all, who doesn’t like a warm and fluffy quilt on a cold night?

There are many different types of quilts to choose from. For example, feather and down filled quilts are warm and plush but more lightweight. If you prefer something heavier and warmer, wool filled quilts may be a better option.   

Bedroom Styling Tips For Winter

Image: Pinterest (courtesy of Temple & Webster)


2. Colour

The next question is what colours to use? Start by asking yourself, what colours make you feel warm, cosy and calming?  

Some gorgeous winter shades are Emerald, Burnt Orange, Navy, Olive Green, Mustard, Blush, Grey and Black. Certainly the colour or colours you decide on aren’t limited to just your bedding. It’s for your overall bedroom. You want everything to flow and go together beautifully.  

Be brave and have fun with colours! Don’t limit yourself to just one colour, pick a couple that pairs well together and build it up from there. Here are some of our favourite pairings: 

  • Grey and Blush makes a perfect pair; 
  • Emerald goes beautifully with Navy or Grey and 
  • Burnt Orange with Beige and Blush. 

Try mixing different shades and tones to make your bedroom styling more sophisticated.  

Winter Bedroom Styling
Image: Pinterest (@oh.eight.oh.nine)


Layering and Textures

Now here is the fun part! 

Cushions and throw blankets are some of the most effective ways to add layers and textures. Get your hands on some luxurious velvet cushions and plush wool throws. We promise you will instantly feel warm and cosy. Having an extra throw blanket is also handy for those really cold nights or if you feel the cold more than your partner, you can always add an extra layer.

But don’t stop here! Adding a rug is also fabulous. It will add great warmth and style to your bedroom, especially a statement rug. Wool rugs are great for winter as they help with insulating the floor and the texture creates a cosy feel. Rugs can be expensive so best to ‘shop’ your home first.

bedroom styling
Image: Pinterest (courtesy of Target)


Warm Lighting

Since it gets dark earlier during winter, creating the right lighting helps to make it cossier. Try swapping your cooler light bulbs for warmer ones. If you don’t already have one, invest in a few lamps and if you can pick, choose ones with dimmers, that way you can adjust it depending on the season and the moods you would like to create. 

Lighting candles is also a beautiful way! The gentle dancing flames, with the warm scent of the candles, your home will turn into a haven during a cold night. 

Bedroom styling tips
Image: Pinterest (courtesy of Amazon)



Updating your wall-art is another fun way to create a cosy haven for your bedroom. Here, our bedroom styling was inspired by the soft grey and black tones of this beautiful floral art work by Almond Tree Designs.

 Bedroom styling for winter
Image: Willow Home & Living

We hope you find those tips helpful!

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