Cushion Styling 101

At Willow Home Living we want to provide you with endless styling possibilities which is why we have such a vast selection. With our cushion cover collections you have the freedom to style your cushion covers and give any room a dramatic and opulent look. Here are our tips for styling cushion covers, whether you want a modern, minimalistic, or vibrant space!

Create Your Ideal Aesthetic

It's critical that you have a thorough understanding of the space you want to create before you begin styling. Plan to use at least two of the colours that currently exist in your space and tie them together through your cushion covers for a cohesive look. The ability to customise cushion covers to your unique preferences is one of our most valued services. We have a vast variety of fabrics, hues, designs and textures to choose from that can be matched to your existing furniture and decor. We understand that creating your ideal space can be hard to visualise that's why our custom cushion cover options are endless, regardless if you want a simple design or a statement piece. Shop our Cushion Covers Australia wide for free shipping on orders over $80.

Cushion Styling with Sofas

Cushion Covers For a Black Sofa

A black cushion cover arrangement might be the ideal focal point for your black sofa. Setting a clear and consistent atmosphere in a living room can be accomplished by using only one colour. Our gorgeous selection of cushion covers for a black sofa come in a variety of sizes, textures, and designs that pair perfectly with black furniture!

Cushions for a Grey Sofa

Start by selecting a colour scheme that complements a grey sofa. For a classy and sophisticated appearance, you might choose a monochromatic palette with silver and grey tones. As an alternative, different shades of blue, green, mustard, coral and even grey cushion covers work really well on a grey sofa.

White Sofa Cushions

Pick two or three colours that will enhance your white sofa and create a cohesive design. Our multicoloured cushion covers can create a bold statement or you can choose from our neutral cushion covers for an environment that is harmonious and calming. Whether you want a simple but elegant display, willow has plenty of white sofa cushions to choose from.

Cushions for a Blue Sofa

There's something about blue that gives a room a peaceful, tranquil feeling. Our gorgeous selection of cushion covers come in a variety of sizes, textures, and designs that pair perfectly with blue sofas. Choose from our cushions for a blue sofa for the perfect contrasting pieces or our singular blue cushion cover pieces for a monochromatic look!

Bed Cushion Styling

The number one enquiry we often get from our customers is to help with bed cushion styling. Since it can be challenging to combine different colours, patterns, and designs, we have created some lovely pre-styled looks for you. These combinations will add beauty and style to any space. We think you'll enjoy it as much as we do. Browse our pre-styled cushion sets, pick a design you prefer, and choose the number of pieces you want in your collection. With the aid of our filter, you can narrow down your search and discover more options on the menu page for "Styling Tips." Contact us for assistance or design recommendations.

We also offer FREE personalised, cushion styling service. All we need is a photo of your room, your colour preferences and design ideas and we will style some cushion combos especially for you. To give you a great indication on how the cushions will look in your home, we will render the cushions on to your furniture. It is a fantastic service and our customers love it!! Reach out to us and we would love to hear from you.