6 amazing tips to prepare your home for a sale

April 29, 2022

6 amazing tips to prepare your home for a sale

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There are a lot of ways that you can increase the value of your home without indulging in full-scale, expensive renovations. In fact, simple home styling is one of the best ways to attract top dollar for your real-estate. 

Remember: the goal is to show the buyer the potential of the house that you’re trying to sell and if you’re wondering how interior styling and staging can help you do that, here are some surefire and highly easy ways:


Storage & Decluttering

Staging your home for a sale


Both storage and decluttering go hand-in-hand. When someone comes in to pursue a house that they might want to buy, they’re much more inclined to make an investment if they see a clean, neatly organised place rather than a chaotic one. 

This is why the first step to stage your house for a resale is by decluttering. Remove all the mess! Get rid of unnecessary things. If a vase or a lamp seems too old to go with your interior theme, then do away with it. And when you’re done with getting rid of all the excess, it comes time for storage.

Typically, people opt for cardboard or plastic boxes to categorise all their clutter - things they want to keep, things they want to donate, etc. However, if there are useful items in there, then you can certainly invest in a cheap shelf and organise your things on there as well. These things might include planters, vintage accessories, etc. and featuring them in an artful way can certainly uplift your styling.


Invest in decors like cushions and throws to give your home that instant lift

Staging your home for a sale

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Buyers simply don’t go for houses that feature personal items. Seeing family portraits, gallery walls of kids growing up, and other personal memorabilia can sub-conciously put them off. 

This is why you need to invest in impersonal decor and accessories. The idea is to make the interior feel welcoming and lived in without adding personal touches, and you can easily do that with throws and cushions.

Now, both of these things can also be used to add visual and textural contrast to the surroundings. So whether you’re staging a master bed or a living room, you need to carefully appraise the backdrop and choose cushion colours in vibrant colours that totally play in contrast with it. A cool grey sofa would look beautiful with a cluster of teal and cerulean cushions while a black bed cover will feel livelier with fiery rusts and other autumnal colours. 

Pro tip: organise in clusters of odd numbers (either 3, 5, or 7) as they make the arrangement feel more well-rounded.). For your tips on styling cushion on a bed or sofa refer to the blogs below:

How To Arrange Cushions On A Bed?

How To Arrange Cushions on a Sofa? 

As for the throws, you need to pick them out in contrasting textures so that they can stand out and evoke a cosy vibe within the ambiance. For more tips on styling throws like a pro refer to 8-different-ways-to-style-a-throw blog.


Natural light goes a long way

Staging your home for a sale


No one wants to buy a dark, shabby, and unwelcoming home. The unfailed cure for all these tragedies? Natural light!

Yes, natural light can make any space feel brighter and more welcoming than ever before. However, if you’ve got a home that is short on windows or has the unfortunate planning hindsight of being designed in the opposite direction of the sun’s path, then you’ll need to get creative.

Since most open houses take place in the mornings and afternoons, you’ll need to make the space feel inherently brighter via natural light. You can do so by placing statement mirrors across an already existing window to reflect more light within the space. You can also create a stylish gallery wall of smaller mirrors. Many homeowners also tend to install feature-length mirrors on their cabinets or statement walls. This tends to make the space feel bigger than it is.

For more to brightening up a dark room refer to our blog: Designer-tricks-for-brightening-up-a-dark-room


Fresh gimmicks with flowers and planters

Staging your home for a sale

Many sellers make the mistake of effusing their property with the aroma of freshly baked cookies or brewed coffee when they have potential buyers visiting. It’s definitely an unnecessary gimmick and makes them feel like they’re visiting friends.

Instead, you can uplift the whole space with fresh flowers and planters. Some strategically placed sunflowers or roses on an end table beside the window make a much better impact than the smell of baked goods. Alternatively, you can make your property feel more refreshing by opting for indoor planters. An English Ivy on the sideboard or a String of Pearls on the coffee table can make a huge difference.

If you really want to work from an aromatherapy angle, then scented candles or potpourri can certainly do the trick.


Colour scheme really matters

Staging your home for a sale

More than anything else, you need to be especially cognisant of the colour scheme of your property. It needs to be light, bright, breezy, and refreshing. It’s best to opt for the neutral color scheme as it’s not personal or showy. Additionally, everyone tends to find it soothing. 

Remember: you don’t want your property to feel personal, but you do want to make it feel appealing. This is why shades of white with brown and wooden accents are a great way to go. To keep things from feeling bland, you can always introduce a pop of colour with cushions or wall art.


Don’t overlook the floors

Staging your home for a sale

While touching up the walls and ceiling, don’t forget about the floors. Rest assured that any potential buyer is going to do a careful visual sweep of the floor's condition. Therefore, it’s best to replace any broken or chipped tiles. You can also opt for beautiful yet cheap rugs to add an extra oomph or flavour to your spaces. And if the flooring in some parts is in really bad condition, then you can take it off and install affordable laminates for a quick fix.

You can add charm and characters to your floor with a few affordable rugs. Like the sofa and the bed, a dressed floor is always more welcoming and cosy.

So, these are some great home staging hacks that can add value to your property. We hope you find them helpful while sprucing up your house for a resale.

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