How To Style Blue Cushions

October 21, 2021

How To Style Blue Cushions

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Blue is a colour that is often related to a sense of calm. It’s also considered royal, tranquil, and serene. Therefore, it’s quite a popular hue to be used in interior designs - especially in accent pieces like throw cushions and pillows. 

The colour blue has a certain visual hook - it’s demanding, it’s grounding, it’s absolutely refined and certainly hooks the eye with its tempered depth and stability. These are all reasons why it has become such a popular colour for cushions. Besides, who doesn’t like the shade of the sky and the ocean? That said, it can be challenging to style blue cushions, so here’s a comprehensive guide that will help you make the most of your imagination and ideas. Let’s take a look. 

What interior design styles go with blue cushions?

Blue is a universally appreciated colour and it goes well with almost all popular interior design styles. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Modern: The sheer starkness, austerity and minimalist jointure of the modern style can make an excellent canvas for blue cushions. It could increase the gravitas of this style while adding a charismatic splash of colour within an otherwise neutral palette. Royal and navy blue are great cushion options for this interior design style.

  • Contemporary: The classic mix of traditional and modern elements in this interior design style makes it perfect for featuring blue cushions. Stripes, solid velvets and even elegant florals are a great way to furnish blue cushions in this theme.

  • Traditional: Blue cushions would do great in the comfortably cluttered ambiance of the traditional style. You can choose Laura Ashley-style florals, duck egg blue stripes, plush velvet against chesterfields and other such combinations to furnish this look in style.

  • Hamptons: The whitewashed natural sophistication of the Hamptons style would make an excellent backdrop for classy blue cushions. Sky and sapphire blue hues could be matched with sandy neutrals and elegant whites to deliver a timeless combination. You can also pick out aqua, teal and sea mist hues to bring in a splash of coastal within the ambiance.

  • Eclectic: Featuring a variety of different styles and periods, the eclectic theme is great for accessorising with various unique shades of blue. From the bright attraction of cobalt to the new age sophistication of Aegean blue, you can mix and match various shades and patterns of blue cushions to create a unique style.


blue cushion styling

Popular styles of blue cushions

  • Stripes: Stripes are a total classic and cushions featuring this pattern are a shoo-in for casual boho-chic, coastal, Hamptons and contemporary style interiors.

  • Scenery: Cushions featuring blue scenery are casually chic. They make an excellent addition to vintage, contemporary, modern and eclectic style interiors.

  • Botanical: Botanical patterns are not only beautiful but also very popular because it’s a great way to add a burst of nature and a beautiful way to bring the outside in. 

  • Floral: Blue floral cushions are so versatile, it goes with most interior styles for example traditional, contemporary, hamptons and even eclectic interior. Blue hydrangeas and rose pattern cushions are much loved and they are classic.

  • Text: These days, customized cushion covers with white texts have become quite popular. They usually feature a plain blue backdrop with various quotes or names written in the middle.

  • Chevron: Every popular and super trendy, the zig-zagging of the chevron pattern looks stunning on blue cushions and makes for a trendy addition to boho chic and contemporary rooms.

  • Geometry: Geometric patterns in blue cushions always impress with their unfettered class, attractive rigidity, and superior timelessness. They go well with neo-classic ambiances but can also complement modern themes just as well.

  • Solids: You can never go wrong with solid blue cushions. They’re perfectly sophisticated, evergreen in their simplicity and can also be piped with contrasting fabrics for a bit of an enhanced visual dynamic. These cushions look absolutely stunning in charismatic traditional and refined modern interior designs.

  • Damask: This is another classic pattern that can be used to effuse gravitas and interest in neo-classical and contemporary spaces through blue cushions.


blue cushion styling

Different shades of blue

Blue cushions are a static interior design fixture and they’re best articulated in popular shades. Here are the ones that most homeowners find unique and interesting:

  • Navy: Rich, bold and timeless, this shade of blue is absolutely regal and charismatic.
  • Duck Egg Blue:  This shade of blue is soft, delicate, fresh and elegant. Making it perfect for Hamptons, Coastal and Country Interior. When styled with neutral shades it's very calming and sophisticated.

  • Indigo: The attraction of this particular shade of blue evokes eclectic charm and makes for an eye-catching cushion colour dynamic.

  • Sea Mist: Cool and understated, you’ll love the cultivated and upscale charm of this particular shade of blue.

  • Teal: Dark and majestic, teal cushions work well with sandy coastal neutral hues and they have a deep-seated sumptuousness about it.

  • Sky Blue: The soothing tranquility of Sky blue cushions can make any space feel serene and calm. 


blue cushion cover styling

What colours go with blue cushions?

While blue cushions are perfectly amazing on their own, you can mix and match them with various other hues to create enchanting combinations to accentuate your interior designs. Here are some popular hues that go well with blue cushions:

Classic blue and whites: Blue cushions with hints of white are always a classic. This universally appreciated combination is guaranteed to work well, no matter where or how it’s styled.

Mixing shades of blue: Each shade of blue varies in hues and tints, and they can be combined in dark and light shades to create a cushion combo that feels very dynamic and interesting.

Blue with a pop of pink: If you’re a fan of high contrast, then blue cushions with pops of bright, magenta pink will certainly appeal to you. It’s a bold choice that never fails to captivate the eye and feels very eclectic.

Blue and green: Although both blue and green lie on the cool side of the spectrum, they can be combined to deliver a nice, calming cushion combination. 

styling blue cushion covers

Blue cushions styling tips

Here are our 10 favourite ways to style Blue Cushions beautifully for your home.

1. Creating contrast with solids and florals

outdoor blue cushions

Richer shades of blue like royal, teal, and navy can be articulated in solid and floral cushion patterns to deliver a charismatic contemporary look. The trick here is to style the solid cushions in the back and use the richly printed florals in the front. This will result in a dynamic setting that will certainly please the eye.

Pro tip: This blue cushion styling tip works wonders in casual interior design themes like boho chic, shabby chic, eclectic and contemporary (especially if you offset them with rattan and bamboo furniture along with macrame plant hangers and rustic light fixtures).

Pro tip 2: This cushion combo also looks the best when styled against a neutral backdrop of grey or white or cream. This is because these colors enhance the boldness of the blue two-fold.

2. Solids, stripes and florals on the bed

blue cushion cover styling

Blue cushions that lean on the lighter shades (Sky Blue, Sea Mist, and Duck Egg) are perfect for styling against the bed headboards. With these, you should always put solid ones in the background and complement them with a mixture of single-stripe and floral cushions in the foreground. 

Pro tip: The shades of blue cushions in the front should always be lighter than the ones in the back. This will help you make things more visually interesting.

3. Checks and stripes

blue outdoor cushions covers

Blue and white are two colours that complement each other perfectly. So, if you’re thinking about using this combination to accentuate your furniture, then checkered and floral blue cushions with white designs will look truly wonderful. If you’re leaning for understated elegance, then choose lighter shades of blue (i.e. sky blue or Duck Egg Blue) and offset them with furniture with light coloured upholstery for the best effect.

4. Navy on corner sofas

blue cushions outdoors

Navy blue cushions are very charismatic, but if you’re styling them on a corner sofa or sectional (which lean on the large side), then you must learn to mix and match. You can’t just style with solid cushions - you need a variety that consists of stripes as well as other understated solid cushion hues like grey, cream and white. One or two patterned cushions will do as well.

Now, you must create a dynamic combo of navy cushions. The solid blue ones should be used in moderation because they’ve got a big visual weight and are super eye-catching. They should not be used as focal points and must be offset with blue-and-white striped cushions of both vertical and horizontal variety. These in turn, need to be offset with light grey and cream solid colored cushions in order to provide a nice visual balance. 

After that, you can plant a patterned navy and white cushion in the mix (a single one would be good enough) and carefully eye-ball your setting to see if everything looks balanced and harmonized or not.

Pro tip: Dark and navy blue cushions always look best when they’re styled against a neutral backdrop. So always make sure that your sofa upholstery leans on the sandy, tan or taupe side if you really want to bring out the richness of the royal blue hue.


5. Single cushion with a single stripe aesthetic


You don’t always have to use multiple blue cushions to create an impact-worthy aesthetic. In fact, you can simply use one blue cushion to accentuate the most note-worthy furniture piece in your interiors - the armchair!

Pro tip: Since you’re using a single cushion, you must pick one that is slightly larger (for example 40x60cm cushions) in size than a typical one. It should complement the girth of your chair and must hold its own while being placed in the center.

Pro tip 2: The best way to ensure that your blue cushions take center stage is by placing them against armchairs with light-hued upholstery. 

6. Going eclectic with a pop of pink

pink and blue cushions

While blue cushions are classy and noteworthy on their own, you can always mix and match them with other colors to make an eclectic, eye-catching statement. Pink is quite a good contrast option and it pairs with blue floral cushions incredibly well. 

You can style this combo in a way where the pink cushions are put in the backdrop with a solid navy blue one in the middle, and two floral blue cushions at the front to cap things off.

7. Peaking with vintage florals

blue floral cushions

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The 80s-Esque vintage charisma of mixed floral blue cushions can certainly be recreated in contemporary times. Styling such cushions require a keen eye for detail because you’re basically eye-balling and balancing everything out on instinct.

Pro tip: You should choose a combination of dark and light-hued floral blue cushions so that your furniture can look visually holistic from all angles.

8. Coastal nouveau eclectic

blue patterned cushion

Blue cushions are especially suited for coastal and Hamptons-style interior designs. They pair well with rattan and wicker furniture with light, breezy finishes and an airy backdrop. For such ventures, you should choose lighter shades of blue like sea mist, aqua and place them strategically on the corners of your sofa, loveseat or armchair for the best impact.

Pro tip 1: Accentuate this entire setting with blue vases, flower pots, books and other accessories to create a holistic ambiance.

Pro tip 2: Choose your blue cushions in lighthearted patterns with pastel florals or white stripes to accommodate the overall breeziness of the atmosphere.

9. Emerald and blue

blue striped cushions
Jo @coastalhomelove for Willow Home & Living

Emerald and darker shades of blue cushions pair really well together, especially when you’re trying to create a space that is rich with inherent charisma and gravitas. You can style such cushions with the emerald ones in the back and striped navy ones in the front for visual diversity and interest.

10. Oversized casual contemporary

blue cushion combinations
Jo @coastalhomelove for Willow Home & Living

Casual contemporary spaces call for light, informal blue cushions. Sea mist and Duck Egg Blue are great choices once again. Additionally, if you want to emulate a dynamic, eye-moving aura to the atmosphere, then style your cushions with the oversized solid blues in the back and smaller, patterned ones at the front.

Pro tip: Here, instead of keeping the background light, you can even go for a blue-on-blue aesthetic where the upholstery is one or two shades darker than the cushions.

So, this is everything that you need to know about blue cushions and how you can style them in various ways. We hope you find this guide helpful while accentuating all types of interiors with a focus on blue cushions.

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