Peach Cushion Covers

Peach is one of the most adaptable colours since it can easily be changed to match a variety of interior colours. Peach Cushion Covers can give your living room a variety of enhancements depending on your preferences and how you utilise them. Shop our Peach Cushion Covers Australia wide for free shipping on orders over $80.

How To Style Peach Cushion Covers

Peach, dusty pink, and cream-coloured cushions make a lovely colour combination with peach for yet another charming appearance. They provide a neutral environment, a dynamic touch and can provide the necessary softer layer to a strong, geometric design. For a gorgeous, almost tropical, and exotic living room ambience, peach cushions can also make an easy pairing with light aqua. Peach acquires a more neutral tone when contrasted with colder tones, making it ideal for a laid-back, comfortable, and cosy bedroom atmosphere.

Choose a complementary colour scheme, peach is a warm, muted colour so it pairs well with other warm, earthy tones. You can try combining your peach cushions with shades of cream, beige, brown, or even coral for a monochromatic look. Don't be afraid to mix patterns and textures to add depth and appeal to your space. Try pairing a solid peach cushion with one that has subtle peach elements such as our Sienna Cushion. Alternatively, you can mix and match textures such as a pink cushion cover with a floral peach cotton one. Create contrast for a bold statement. If you want to create contrast, pair your peach cushion covers with a complementary colour such as navy blue, green or yellow. This will create a striking arrangement that will make your cushions stand out! Pairing peach with complementary colours is also perfect for outdoor seating as you can tie in colours of the surroundings into your arrangement for a cohesive sophisticated look!

It's important to also consider the overall style of your space, the style of your peach cushion covers should match the overall aesthetic of your room. If your space is more traditional, use solid colours and classic patterns like florals, while a more contemporary space is great for incorporating geometric patterns and shapes. This will create a cosy and inviting space that is all about balance and visual appeal. Peach Cushion Covers are the key to a stylish and functional living arrangement.

How To Care for Peach Cushion Covers

Our Peach Cushion Covers can be used both indoors and outside, however for optimal results, we advise hand washing and line drying each one. Particularly if they have been treated to resist fading and weather, your blankets will last longer. Before washing the covers in a washing machine, flip them inside out and tighten the zippers. You might also put them in a wash bag for added security. Our Peach Cushion Covers from Willow Home & Living offer a touch of sophistication to any space with their opulence, comfort, and elegance. Choose from one of our many styles to make your furniture a lively topic of discussion!