What is Modern Farmhouse Style?

March 03, 2022

What is Modern Farmhouse Style?

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Are you drawn to a modern farmhouse style, do you even know what this means? It means showcasing a combination of natural cushion cover materials, boundaries of modern and old that meet together in one big farmhouse clash! 

Have you ever booked a weekend stay in a renovated homestead in the beautiful Southern Highlands. You drive past the green paddocks and admire the views and with much anticipation find yourself at your destination. You think how lucky you are that you found this place? 

As you drive along the circular driveway you slow down and pay attention to the tyres crackling over the gravel and begin to think you could get used to the sound of this. We have all been there right? 

You have not even stepped inside, but you know you are going to love it simply because of the impressive manicured hedges with perfectly lined rose bushes. You don’t even care for roses, but out of nowhere you start planning your next trip to your local nursery to try your hand at growing them. What is going on you think to yourself!

Then it gets even more interesting, taking in the fresh crisp country air, birds chirping and the sound of farm animals in the distance, suddenly you imagine yourself leaving city life, your job and even your families to come live on a picturesque piece of countryside. Sound familiar? For a moment you come back to reality as you yank your heavy luggage out of your car’s boot and think, don’t be silly, as if! 


Modern Farmhouse Style
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You are keen to get inside and once again not disappointed.  The Herringbone timber floor has that smooth high end feel to it. You are drawn to the crisp white timber beams adorning the ceiling, an expansive modern looking chandelier that you wouldn’t expect to work in this farmhouse design, but not only does it work, it captivates!  

By now you are excitingly texting a friend about how you have found this amazing weekender. There are oversized table lamps glowing softly on an expensive looking wooden console, a black horse ornament placed next to carefully stacked gardening books from Veranda.  You wonder why the table lamps are on, then remind yourself it is Winter in the Southern Highlands, after all. As the sun starts to diminish, the lamps create the perfect amount of ambience to lure you in to this inspiring home. You are definitely going to leave a review with the subject line “Farmhouse meets Vogue living” and at this point you kick yourself for not booking that extra night. 

The delusional thoughts intensify and by now you are convinced you can make it work, blah, blah, blah, you keep reminding yourself this is a weekend away, not a potential property inspection! 


Modern Farmhouse Style

Is it anyone wonder Australians love to escape to the country, hello! Can I explain to you why you may be experiencing this emotional journey and love this style so much? Quite simply, it is an increasingly popular interior design that is warm and fuzzy and very chic. Yes, even when you believed you were all about concrete, glass and steel beams. 

Modern farmhouse is about reclaimed designs with practical solutions. Exposed beams, modern lighting and sleek bathrooms that often seamlessly match with the old. It is not uncommon to find a streamlined kitchen mixed with traditional flare. A Turkish transitional rug or two underfoot is almost always guaranteed. Another feature is a wood combustion or gas fireplace encased in an updated hearth, often creating an inviting  centre piece for the space. Yes, you are relishing in this décor, which is the epitome of a country house design.


Modern Farmhouse Style
Photo credit: studio-mcgee.com

Most of us know that song ‘movin’ to the country…..gonna eat a lot of peaches’. Most people enjoy peaches, but they don’t necessarily need to move to the country to eat them right? It’s ok, no one will blame you for falling in love with this rural inspired home, but let’s be realistic here, not everyone is suited to the embodiment of country life. It may be a relief to know you don’t need to leave anyone behind either! 

For example, the architectural side of it can be easy to incorporate with your existing home, perhaps gladding your walls or installing exposed beams to your ceilings. What about a mud room off your laundry?  Small building renovations can certainly acquire the country touches that you are craving, but reality is, not everyone has the budget or owns a 1890’s homestead, so working around existing furnishings is probably your best and most cost effective option. 


Modern Farmhouse Style

Take a look at our stylish range of indoor and outdoor cushions which will bring your ideas to life. Try to maximise neutral textiles to create a warm canvas or add a vibrant colour or texture for that chic appeal. Some fetching floral cushions for a cosy ambience will not go astray.  

It is easy to take inspiration from that weekend stay, however we have put together 3 mood boards we think are going to entice you just the same.

Mood Board 1  

Chic, vibrant, modern country.

Woody notes; you still love the city life from time to time.

Image credit: Pottery Barn, Pinterest, Digsdigs and Unsplash.

Modern Farmhouse Style Moodboard



Mood Board 2 

Stunning, elegant and inspiring.

Floral notes; fresh modern country living, love it.

Image credit: Pinterest, Adore Magazine and Designer Boys Art.

Modern Farmhouse Style Moodboard

Mood Board 3 

Pretty, with soft casual country touches. 

Powdery notes; calming and delightful, leave the city behind. 

Image Credit: Pinterest, Lavender Hill Interiors and Temple and Webster.

Modern Farmhouse Style Moodboard


We hope you enjoy those moodboards as much as we enjoyed curating them. 

What do you love about modern farmhouse interiors? We would love to hear from you (reach out to Anh via our contact page).

Looking for more mood boards for inspiration? We have also created mood boards for 

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