Best Cushions for Leather Sofas

Dark coloured leather sofas are commonly used in family homes because they are practical and kid friendly, however many find that selecting the right cushions for leather sofas to be challenging. We recommend choosing cushions that are neutral or bold in colour to create contrast. Mix and match different patterns and textures to make it more interesting. Using a lighter coloured or cool toned throw is also a great way to soften the boldness of the leather sofa. Here are some suggestions on the best cushions for leather sofas so you can create your ideal space. Shop our brown and black leather sofa cushions Australia wide for free shipping on orders over $80.

Brown Leather Sofa Cushions

It can be hard to style cushion covers for brown leather sofas, especially so it can fit seamlessly into your existing living room. Choosing the right cushions comes down to the textures and colour arrangements. Brown couches work well with cool blues and emerald green cushion covers, think earth tones. Additionally, brown leather sofa cushions can be paired with different colours to reflect seasons, for instance, autumn colours such as reds, yellows or peach cushion covers are a great way to add a pop of colour without creating visual chaos. Stick to using just two or three colours as brown couches can tie everything together and balance out your room. In terms of textures, we have plenty of cushion ideas for brown leather sofas. Our neutral cushion and linen cushion covers are perfect to pair with wool, cotton or embroidered pieces for a look that is timeless but still visually interesting. The dark tones of a brown leather couch is considered neutral, and matches with practically any cushion arrangement so don’t overthink it!

Black Leather Sofa Cushions

Due to its harmonious compatibility with other hues and materials, styling cushions for black leather sofas can be simple and is used widely in interior design. When it comes to cushion ideas for black leather sofas, Willow has endless options! Select two or three hues that complement each other for your black leather sofa cushions to create a cohesive design. Bright colours can make the perfect statement, or choose monochrome tones for a unified and opulent setting. Multicoloured cushion covers can contrast with black, making the sofa the focal point of the room. Additionally, coloured cushions such as pink cushion covers can be used to create a striking statement piece. If you’re looking for a more luxurious look, black and white cushion covers are perfect to add depth and dimension to your arrangement without overdoing it. Playing with different textures can elevate the overall look of your cushion styling. For more information on black sofa cushions read our cushion covers for a black sofa page.

Things to Consider with Leather Sofa Cushions

When selecting cushion covers for a leather sofa, there are a few factors to consider in order to complement the style and material of the sofa. Make sure the cushion covers are the correct size and shape for the cushions on your sofa. Before buying, measure your cushions, or check for covers made expressly to fit your sofa. Take into account your home's general design and style as well. Choose cushion covers with simple, clear lines if you have a modern leather sofa. Finally, leather couches need to be taken care of, because all of our cushion covers are detachable, you can maintain the cleanliness of your leather couch without compromising its longevity.

How To Care for Your Leather Sofa Cushion Covers

Hand washing and line drying for protection will provide the best results for our cushion covers for leather sofas. In order to keep the covers secure during a machine wash, flip them inside out, keep the zippers closed, or place them in a wash bag. Black and brown leather sofa cushions from Willow Home & Living come in a variety of styles and colours, giving you countless possibilities for designing a space that is ideal for you. Alternatively, you may have a selection created especially for your living room by choosing from one of our pre-styled Cushion Sets like our black and white combinations! Create a cushion arrangement that showcases your individual taste and accentuates the texture and allure of your leather sofa!

Note: use feather filled inserts (being heavier) will help the cushion from sliding off the sofa.